Sami Zayn Continues to Miss SmackDown After Oral Surgery

Sami Zayn

Earlier in the week, WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn underwent oral surgery to get a tooth removed. Zayn took to Twitter to say, “In lighter news, I had my wisdom teeth taken out last week. So I have been on an All Pudding Diet for days and now I’m ripped to shreds.”

But it is not the only reason that Sami might have been missing from SmackDown in recent weeks. WWE have given its wrestlers the option to not appear on shows if they do not want to, amid this COVID-19 spread. And Sami might have decided to take that option and not expose himself to this pandemic whatsoever.

Additionally, Ringside News is reporting that there is more to the story about Sami missing on SmackDown. The website has been told, “Sami has been a complete pain to the SmackDown team.” It is unknown if Zayn has any heat with management right now, but “he stirs up other members of the locker room” and “he’s always trying to cause trouble.”

He was expected to take his rivalry with Daniel Bryan forward. But Bryan is not inserted into Money in the Bank Ladder match. Sami Zayn defeated Daniel Bryan at WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 1 to retain the title.

Additionally, Bryan is put in a feud against King Baron Corbin now. Even, Sami’s sidekicks- Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro have also now aligned themselves with Corbin, which might be an indicator that Sami Zayn might be in for a long absence from WWE.

What will happen with the Intercontinental Championship all this time if Zayn decides to stay away from the title?

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