Money in the Bank Qualifier Results & Matches Next Week

Daniel Bryan vs Baron Corbin WWE SmackDown 1 May 2020
Daniel Bryan vs Baron Corbin WWE SmackDown 1 May 2020

Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans have advanced to Money in the Bank ladder matches as a result of their wins in their respective qualifier matches this week on SmackDown.

WWE has been holding MITB qualifiers this year to fill in 3-3 spots from each RAW and SmackDown for men and women matches. For women’s match, RAW qualifiers already resulted in Asuka, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax getting the three spots while Dana Brooke grabbed the first spot from SmackDown’s quota. Similarly, Daniel Bryan won the first qualifier on SmackDown while Aleister Black, Rey Mysterio and Apollo Crews have advanced from RAW.

This week on SmackDown, Baron Corbin faced off against Drew Gulak for the second spot from SmackDown roster. After initial dominance from Corbin, Gulak was gaining momentum. However, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro attacked Daniel Bryan, who was at the ringside supporting Gulak. With Gulak distracted by this, Corbin hit him with deep six to get the win.

Similarly, Sasha Banks also fell victim to Bayley’s ringside antics as she lost to Lacey Evans. Sasha expertly worked over Evans’ right arm to discount her Woman’s right finisher. However, Evans still managed to hit her finisher only for Bayley to save Sasha from the pin by putting her leg on the rope.

Evans started arguing with Bayley and even tried to pull Bayley into the ring. Sasha rolled up Evans from behind but the referee got engaged with Bayley meanwhile. The referee would eventually come back but Evans kicked out of pin by then. With Sasha showing her frustration towards Bayley, Evans caught Sasha with another woman’s right and got the pin to advance to the Money in the Bank.

For finalizing the last spots on both men and women’s matches, WWE has announced two more qualifiers for next week on SmackDown. Otis and Dolph Ziggler will continue their rivalry as they face-off in the men’s qualifier. Mandy Rose will also face the challenge from Carmella in women’s qualifier.

The other two participants from SmackDown, Baron Corbin and Daniel Bryan will face-off in a singles match just 9 days before WWE Money in the Bank.

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