Clash at the Castle: Roman Reigns Defeated McIntyre in the Main Event

Roman Reigns at clash at the castle 2022
Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns stays on the top of the mountain as he defeats Drew Mcintyre in the main event of Clash at the Castle 2022.

The crowd was so behind Drew McIntyre and went berserk the moment the bell rang. Initially, Drew dominated the match and kept sending Roman out of the ring. 

When Drew and Roman were outside the ring Karrion Kross who was present at the ringside threw a water bottle at McIntyre to provoke him. The latter was about to throw hands but before that, he was attacked by Roman Reigns. 

Both these fighters pushed each other to their limits. Reigns survived future shock DDT, spears, and Claymore kicks by McIntyre whereas the latter also survived almost every move in Roman’s arsenal.

During the match, Theory came running to the ring to cash in his MITB briefcase, but he was knocked out by Tyson Fury who was also present at the ringside. 

In the ending moments of the match, Drew hits Roman with a spear followed by a Claymore kick. He was about to get the pinfall, but the referee was pulled down by Solo Sikoa. 

McIntyre tried to pull up Sikoa from the apron, but Sikoa dropped him, and then he was hit by another spear by Roman Reigns. The latter covered him to get the pinfall and retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

After the match, Tyson Fury came to the ring and shook hands with Roman Reigns. He has also shown his respect to McIntyre and even sang a song for him. 

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