Clash at the Castle: Seth Rollins Beats Riddle in a Grudge Match

Seth rollins clash at the castle 2022
Credit: WWE

After months of feuding, Seth Rollins finally defeated Riddle in a grudge match by using Riddle’s own anger against him at Clash at the Castle 2022.

They started off things with some heated back-and-forth punches. The action continued outside the ring, and then back to the ring as well. 

Riddle managed to survive moves like Pedigree and Falcon Arrow by Seth Rollins. The latter even mocked Riddle’s best friend Randy Orton during the match and even hit him with a draping DDT. 

Rollins was about to go for an RKO, but Riddle countered it with her kicks. Rollins went personal and commented about Riddle’s family. 

They went outside the ring brawling with each other. Riddle tried to hit Rollins with the chair but missed. The latter went inside the ring, and when Riddle entered, he hit him with the stomp. He then climbed up to the second rope and hit another stomp to get the pinfall. 

Rollins and Riddle were supposed to face each other at SummerSlam 2022, but the match got nixed due to Riddle’s injury. However, it doesn’t seem like Riddle is done with Rollins and it is likely that they will continue their feud. 

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