Rey Mysterio Retirement, Rollins vs Black Announced for RAW 1 June

Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins
Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins on WWE RAW 1 June 2020

Rey Mysterio’s retirement ceremony is announced on WWE RAW next week along with Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins match as their story continues.

Rey Mysterio was injured by Rollins two weeks back on WWE RAW as Rollins raked his eyes into the steel steps. The (kayfabe) incident left Mysterio with a bloodied eye and was stretchered to the hospital. He has not been seen on the show ever since. Rollins later told, maintaining his Monday Night Messiah gimmick, that he was in a dark place at the time but Mysterio has actually sacrificed himself for the greater good. He also said that it was Mysterio’s last act as a WWE superstar.

After the show, WWE announced the retirement ceremony for Rey Mysterio for the 1 June episode of WWE RAW. Additionally, WWE also announced that Seth Rollins would be hosting the ceremony, indicating that the ceremony might be just a hoax and will continue the storyline between those two.

Additionally, Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins singles match is also booked for the next week. Black and Humberto Carrillo have been feuding with Rollins and his disciples. This week on RAW, Carrillo and Black were defeated Austin Theory and Murphy in a tag team match. Rollins beat up Black and Carrillo more after the match and Black was forced to back-off when Rollins threatened him to injure Carrillo’s eye.

Monday Night Messiah on A Crusade

Seth Rollins’ was turned heel back in December after attacking Kevin Owens. He was joined by Authors of Pain and later by Murphy in his stable. The stable has been feuding against the likes of Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, The Viking Raiders and others. Rollins was defeated by Owens at WrestleMania 36 and later by WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at Money in the Bank 2020.

The loss against McIntyre apparently sent Rollins into a dark phase and he was absent-minded in a tag team match against Mysterio and Black two weeks back on RAW. This ultimately led to Rollins viciously attacking Mysterio at the ringside and ended up injuring his eyes.

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