WWE NXT Live Results & Updates- 20 November 2019

After the bell, Nakamura and Cesaro attack Riddle and Ricochet. Riddle and Ricochet fight back and the heels retreat. Ricochet nails a huge flying spot on Cesaro. Nakamura has Riddle in the ring now. He charges but NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong makes the save. Riddle ends up sending Strong out. Finn Balor runs in and takes out Riddle. Riddle fights back Balor gets the upper hand. Riddle drops Balor with the Final Flash. Balor retreats to the ramp as Riddle looks on from the ring.

The Revival vs The Undisputed Era

Kyle O’Reilly starts off with Dawson and they go at it. They trade big strikes and lock back up. Fish tags in and they go for the double team but both teams face off in the middle of the ring now. The champs go to ringside for a breather as fans do dueling chants. Fish and Wilder come back in but Wilder stalls some. Fish with a knee to the gut. Wilder fights off both opponents from the corner. They double team him but Dawson makes the save.

They trade double counters and we get a stand-off between both teams for a pop. That breaks down and they go at it, trading strikes. All four competitors end up down on the outside as we go to commercial. Fish unloads on Wilder in the corner. O’Reilly tags in for more strikes on Dash as fans do dueling chants. Fish and O’Reilly with a double suplex and a 2 count on Wilder. Fish with more strikes on Dash to keep him down.

O’Reilly comes in and takes Dash down. Fish pounds on Dash some more and keeps him down. O’Reilly with a jumping knee to drop Dash as Fish tags back in. Dash ends up down on the outside. O’Reilly follows with kicks to Dash. O’Reilly brings Dash back in and works him over for another two-count.

Dash with a quick 2 count out of nowhere. O’Reilly with a jumping knee and Dash goes back down. Fish tags back in but Dash slams him with a belly-to-back suplex. Fans rally for The Revival now. Dash fights Fish out of the corner. O’Reilly comes in and slams Dash for another close two-count. O’Reilly with a basement dropkick to send Dash out of the ring. O’Reilly with a running knee to Dash’s face from the apron to the floor. We go to a commercial.

Wilder drops O’Reilly but Fish tags in. Wilder dumps him out. O’ Reilly and Dawson go at it on the outside. Dawson and Fish unload in the ring now. Dawson gets the upper hand and then dropkicks Fish for a pop. Dawson drops Fish and sends O’Reilly off the apron. Dawson with a swinging neckbreaker on Fish. Dawson goes to the top and nails the headbutt on Fish for the close two-count.

More back and forth now. Dawson drops Fish on his head for a close 2 count. Dawson can’t believe it. Fans do dueling chants. O’Reilly saves Fish from a big double team but The Revival hits him instead. Dawson ends up taking Fish to the top and chopping him. Dawson climbs up for a superplex but O’Reilly makes the save and sends him down to the mat. Dash ends up nailing a big DDT on O’Reilly from the apron to the floor. The Revival hits the superplex – splash combo but Fish still kicks out at 2. The Revival can’t believe it.

Fish ends up fighting off both of the champions in the corner. Fish and Dawson trade big strikes now. Fish with a Samoan Drop to Dawson. O’Reilly comes back in to assist Fish but Wilder makes the save and they hit a big Shatter Machine on Fish. Dawson covers but O’Reilly pulls him out to break the pin. O’Reilly takes out Dawson at ringside as fans do dueling chants. O’Reilly leaps off the apron and takes out Dash at ringside. O’Reilly brings it back in and goes on, nailing a flying knee drop to the back of Dawson’s neck. Dawson somehow kicks out at 2 and everyone is shocked.

O’Reilly and Dawson are in the ring now. O’Reilly drops him with strikes for a 2 count. O’Reilly shows some frustration now. Fish comes in but the double team is blocked. Dawson with the double team on the champs. Dawson with a 2 count on O’Reilly. More back and forth as Fish and O’Reilly stalk Dawson now, staring him down. Dawson tells them to kiss his ass and they hit him with the Total Elimination for the pin to win as Fish covers and Dash tries to recover on the outside.

Winners- The Undisputed Era

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