Mustafa Ali cleared to work matches

Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali faced Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship in a live event on Saturday night in a losing cause. But the match indicates that he has been cleared medically after suffering a concussion last month.

Ali got a major push on the main roster when he was included in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship match. But one week prior to the event, WWE announced him to be replaced by Kofi Kingston who also took his one-hour-long spot in the Gauntlet match and then put a major performance in the Elimination Chamber match. Since then Kofi has become a fan favorite for the WrestleMania match for the title.

Ali has made a return to the ring in three weeks but it will be interesting to see whether his rise in the main roster continues in a similar manner. Whether he will be included in the storyline for the WWE championship or some other storyline will start for him, the next step from WWE will determine his potential to break out as a legitimate star.

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