Hell in a Cell: Lashley Defies Odds Against Omos & MVP, Video Highlights

Credit: WWE

Cedric Alexander helped even the odds for Bobby Lashley in a handicap match at WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 PPV event. Lashley put MVP in a Hurt lock to win the match via submission. 

Initially, the team of Omos & MVP completely dominated the match. They continuously tag each other and take turns in beating Lashley. There was a moment when Lashley barely beat the count-out as he entered the ring after the referee hit 9. 

Bobby Lashley countered and finally fought back. When Omos was trying to hit the chokeslam, Cedric Alexander entered the ring and was thrown out by Omos. It buys Lashley more than enough time to hit Omos with a spear. After that, he puts MVP in a hurt lock submission to get the win.  

Bobby Lashley won the trilogy against the Nigerian Giant Omos, but it didn’t end his rivalry with him and Lashley’s former manager MVP. 

Bobby Lashley defeated Omos at WrestleMania 38 but then he was defeated by Omos at WrestleMania BackLash. In a battle to prove their dominance, both of them collided in a Steel Cage match on Raw which was won by Lashley. However, it was an accidental victory as Omos threw him out along with the cage walls.

Lashley challenged Omos for another match at Hell in a Cell event. He additionally pitched a match between MVP and himself with the winner choosing the stipulation for the said match. MVP ended up beating Lashley via count-out and chose a handicapped match for Hell in a Cell.

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