Judgement Day Won a Chaotic Six-Person Tag-Match, Video Highlights

Judgement Day at hell in a cell 2022
Image Credit: WWE

The Judgment Day emerged victorious once again as the team of Edge, Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest defeated AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan. 

The match had a chaotic beginning as all the six superstars got involved in a brawl where Styles, Balor & Morgan stood tall. Morgan and Ripley start off the match, and Liv hits a hurricanrana. However, Ripley hit her with the headbutt and shifted the momentum towards her side.

Soon, Liv managed to tag AJ, and hence Damian Priest entered the ring to face him. The back and forth between the two teams continued before the chaos broke out again. Everyone got involved in a brawl and then, AJ, Finn, and Liv took out Judgment Day with a dive. 

Finn Balor entered the ring and tried to hit Coupe de Grace to Priest but Ripley made him fall off the rope. Meanwhile, Edge threw AJ Styles to the ring post and took him out. 

Later, Balor tried to hit Coupe de Grace to Edge, but this time Rhea Ripley came and stood in front of him. She was eventually taken out by Liv but it buys Edge enough time to hit the spear and secure the victory. 

The feud started as a dream feud between Edge and AJ Styles where the former turned heel and brought out his darker side. At WrestleMania 38, Damian Priest helped Edge in defeating AJ Styles and joined hands with him. 

The feud continued and the two began to assault Styles, but then Finn Balor joined Styles’ side having already feuding with Priest earlier. Edge vs AJ Styles was rebooked for WrestleMania Backlash with Priest being barred from the ringside. During that match, Edge got himself a new ally in the form of Rhea Ripley as she helped Edge out to get another win over Styles.

Liv Morgan, the former tag-team partner of Ripley, joined AJ Styles and Finn Balor to even the odds for them. After Morgan and Ripley traded wins on RAW, As WWE booked a trios tag team match for Hell in a Cell.