WWE to Upgrade SmackDown Production on Fox Move

Smackdown is expected to upgrade the production of SmackDown once the show makes its move to Fox.

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According to a report by WrestleVotes Smackdown is expected to be shot with different cameras that will give a more cinematic like feel when it moves to FOX this October. The feel is described as similar to the way some of the footage is produced for WWE 24.

The report notes that WWE has been testing out newer and much more expensive technology to film there shows. WWE officials were said to be pleased with the product with the new cameras. SmackDown will seem cinematic-like, similar to some of the WWE 24 footage we’ve seen, due to new cameras WWE recently experimented with. And the use of these for live shows will start with SmackDown moving to Fox in October.

This report is line with a report from The Wrestling Observer earlier in the month that mentioned testing new cameras. Fox officials are also looking to invite a lot of celebrities to SmackDown and give the show the feel of a major event, which is one of the reasons why the SmackDown – Fox premiere was booked for the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

SmackDown will premiere on FOX on 4 October. There are also some talks going around that the Fox premiere will feature SmackDown’s 20th Anniversary celebration. There have also been some rumors that WWE is trying to get The Rock to appear. The Observer report also noted that the idea is to make WWE look as much in major league as possible, which would then make AEW look minor league from the start. AEW will premiere their TNT show two days before on Wednesday, 2 October.