Edge might be the Special Referee at Stomping Grounds

WWE Hall of Famer Edge might turn out to be the special guest referee for the Universal Championship match between Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin at Stomping Grounds.

Edge Stomping Grounds

When Baron Corbin got the Universal title rematch for Stomping Grounds, he was also given the power to choose a special guest referee. However, the name of the referee was not revealed in the lead-up to the show. Instead, we got to see Seth Rollins demolishing each of the prospective referees that Baron Corbin tried to recruit.

Elias, EC3 and Erick Young were attacked with a steel chair on RAW last week while Rollins also scared off No Way Jose after he started a campaign to be appointed as the referee. Over the week, many names were thrown around the internet including female superstars like Charlotte Flair and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Pheonix.

But, it might be Beth Pheonix’s partner, Edge, who might indeed come out in the referee’s shirt at Stomping Grounds. Last month, Pheonix and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch started a spat over Twitter. The exchange lead to Becky making his relationship with Rollins public.

Edge also got involved in the exchange during the time and the spat was again reignited after Super ShowDown. You can check some the tweets down below. Apparently, this Twitter war is the indication of things to come and WWE is planning for a Mixed Tag Team Match of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch vs Beth Pheonix and Edge in future.

And the feud will start for real once Edge would come out to officiate the Universal Championship match at Stomping Grounds. It might also see Edge returning to WWE TV regularly and help WWE to address poor ratings. However, it will be interesting to see if he would be cleared to work matches.

But again, it might just be some other superstar who could come out as the referee instead tonight at Stomping Grounds.

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