Drake Maverick Wins Back 24/7 Championship from R-Truth

Drake Maverick has won the 24/7 Championship back from R-Truth on RAW this week and has left for his honeymoon with the belt.

Drake Maverick 24/7 Championship RAW 1 July 2019

Maverick won the 24/7 Championship two weeks back after a long pursuit, just before his wedding. But Truth invaded his wedding and pinned him to take the title away from him. Since then, Maverick again started trying to win the title back but was unsuccessful during his attempt last week on RAW.

This week, we saw him entering the arena with his wife Renee Michelle. She was angry that Maverick came to RAW when they were supposed to be on the way to their honeymoon. She clearly asked him to choose between her and the 24/7 Championship. Maverick consoled her and told her that he loves him.

R-Truth was lurking behind and started taunting Maverick. The mocking continued when Truth entered the ringside as part of No Way Jose’s Congo Line. He went on to dance with Michelle and kept on enticing Maverick until other superstars got the wind of him and started chasing him.

However, Maverick had the last laugh when he found Truth sneaking out. Maverick attacked Truth from behind with his luggage trolley bag and pinned him to win the title. Soon, he left the arena with his wife for their honeymoon. Expect, R-Truth to interfere in their honeymoon also.

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