Colten Gunn

Colten Gunn Aew Roster 2021

Real Name: Colten Sopp
Date Of Birth: May 18th 1991
Place of Birth:  Unknown
Ring Name: Colten Gunn


Overall (7)7(100%)0(0%)0 (0%)
Single (0)0(0%)0(0%)0(0%)
Tag Team(1)1(100%)0(0%)0(0%)
Trios (6)6(100%)0(0%)0(0%)
AEW Dark Dec 30th 2020Austin Gunn & Billy & Colten GunnDef. Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson & Mike Verna6-Person Tag
AEW Dark Dec 23rd 2020Austin Gunn & Billy & Colten GunnDef. Baron Black & Mike Verna & Royal Money6-Person Tag
AEW Dark Dec 16th 2020Austin Gunn & Colten GunnDef. Terrell Hughes & Terrence HughesTag Team
AEW Dark Dec 2nd 2020Austin Gunn & Billy & Colten GunnDef. Ryzin & Sean Maluta & Shawn Dean6-Person Tag
AEW Dark Nov 19th 2020Austin Gunn & Billy & Colten GunnDef. Angel Fashion & Shawn Dean & V. S. K.6-Person Tag
AEW Dark Nov 18th 2020Austin Gunn & Billy & Colten GunnDef. Cezar Bononi & KTB & Seth Gargis6-Person Tag
AEW Dark Nov 11th 2020Austin Gunn & Billy & Colten GunnDef. BSHP King & Joey O’Riley & Sean Maluta6-Person Tag

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