Daniel Bryan returns on RAW, loses to Kofi Kingston

Daniel Bryan returned on RAW after being cleared from a concussion and faced Kofi Kingston in the WrestleMania rematch.

Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston RAW 6 May 2019

Daniel Bryan lost the WWE Championship to against Kofi Kingston this year at WrestleMania. Not only this, but he also suffered a concussion during his that match and was out of action ever since. He was cleared from the medical team and was expected to appear at SmackDown. However, he returned one day ahead on RAW under the new Wildcard concept. Bryan wasted no time to start ridiculing Kofi Kingston’s win at WrestleMania as a fluke and declared that he will correct the course of WWE by dethroning him.

Kofi also entered upon hearing this and presented a counter promo. Vince McMahon set up the rematch from WrestleMania with the title also on the line. They faced off in the main event of the show and Bryan started strongly in the match. But soon enough, Kofi started controlling things in contrast to their last fight at WrestleMania. Both managed to avoid each other’s finishers until Kofi finally connected the Trouble in Paradise to get the win.

Kofi will now defend his title against Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank. However, the actual plan from WWE, if Bryan had not got injured, was to pit Kofi and Bryan again. So, it will be interesting to see if Bryan gets involved with Kofi right away after that show.

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