Daniel Bryan & Rowan Reveal Roman Reigns’ Attacker

Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan finally reveal the mystery attacker to Roman Reigns in the closing segment this week’s SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan & Rowan Reveal Roman Reigns Attacker
Daniel Bryan & Rowan Reveal Roman Reigns Attacker

In the first hour of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan and Rowan lead the mystery man into a room, where they kept him throughout the show. A bit later, Roman Reigns confronted Buddy Murphy on changing his statement of Rowan being the culprit. Murphy told him that he is pretty sure that he saw Roman at the accident site. Buddy Murphy also faced Daniel Bryan at SmackDown this week and managed to defeat him to get the biggest win of his career so far.

The final segment saw Reigns enter the room before Bryan removed a black hood to reveal the man’s face. The bearded man looks just identical to Rowan. This also justified Buddy Murphy saying that he saw Rowan at the scene of the first attempted attack backstage several weeks ago. SmackDown went off the air with a confused Reigns looking around at Bryan, Rowan and the mystery man.

When Roman Reigns was involved in the scaffolding accident, WWE carried out a storyline investigation. At the time, WWE reported that the accident occurred due to an error from the forklift driver. Initially, it was planned that Daniel Bryan will be portrayed as the mystery attacker and will face off against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. However, WWE instead chose to stretch the storyline.