Andrade vs Mysterio & More Matches Announced for WWE SmackDown

andrade vs rey mysterio
andrade vs rey mysterio

After having what was arguably one of the best matches in the history of WWE SmackDown last week, Rey Mysterio and Andrade will face off once again this coming Tuesday. This time the match will be two out of three counts stipulation.

Last time around, Andrade was able to gain an advantage with Zelina Vega providing distraction and hit a hammerlock DDT on Mysterio to win the match. This time with the stipulation, the advantage would not be straightforward.

There’s no doubt that WWE fans were left awestruck by Mysterio’s and Andrade’s match last week and when the rematch was announced yesterday, social media again went into a frenzy.

Last week, the scheduled match between Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali never started as Joe savagely assaulted his opponent prior to things getting started. The match is again announced for this week on SmackDown.

WWE has also announced another segment where Mr. McMahon will play moderator between WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. These two superstars have attacked each other in the arena over the last two consecutive weeks and Mr. McMahon will try to control the hostility between them.

More segments are expected between Asuka and Becky Lynch and other storylines with just 5 days will remain for Royal Rumble after the episode.