AEW Rampage Live Results October 21, 2022- Acclaimed vs Varsity

AEW Rampage October 21 2022
AEW Rampage October 21 2022 Poster, Image Credits – AEW

AEW Rampage will be live once again on October 21, 2022, from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL and will feature a trademark vs title match.

The Acclaimed will not only defend AEW World Tag Team Championship but the custody of “Scissoring” trademark is also on the line. The manager of Varsity Athletes, Mark Sterling have trademarked the term in his name. The winner of this match will walk away with both things.

Orange Cassidy will defend his All Atlantic Championship against Rush and Preston Vance in a triple threat match. Penelope Ford will face Willow Nightingale in another singles match. Hook will defend his FTW title against Ari Daivari.

Tune in below as we post live results from AEW Rampage October 21, 2022 episode with live updates, complete action, highlights, winners and videos.


  • The Acclaimed(Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)(c) defeated Varsity Athletes(Josh Woods & Tony Nese) in Title vs Trademark match via pinfall to retain AEW World Championship Match & “Scissor Me Daddy” Trademark.
  • Hook(c) defeated Ari Daivari in a singles match via submission to retain FTW Championship.
  • Willow Nightingale defeated Leila Gray in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Orange Cassidy(c) defeated Rush & Preston “10” Vance in a Triple Threat match via pinfall to retain AEW All Atlantic Championship.

Live Updates

The Acclaimed(Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)(c) vs Varsity Athletes(Josh Woods & Tony Nese) – Title vs Trademark match for AEW World Championship Match & “Scissor Me Daddy” Trademark

Varsity Athletes are in the ring. The Acclaimed come out rapping. Mark Sterling says he has a scissoring trademark and will give the fans what they want. He asks Woods and Nese to scissor him. Caster and Bowens attack Nese and Woods to get the bell ring. Sterling runs a distraction and Varsity Athletes get the upperhand. They do scissoring in the middle of the ring. Caster and Bowens counter with some double-team work and get control. Woods sends Caster to the floor. He gets into Billy Gunn when he tries to put Caster back in the ring. The referee is getting called upon from all sides with trash talk. He sends Billy Gunn backstage.

Caster hits a crossbody from the top as we return. Bowens gets the hot tag and hits clotheslines and elbows. Nese hits a back body drop and Caster breaks the pin. Varsity Athletes double team on Bowens. The double team continues for a while. Nese and Woods hit back drop/cutter combo on Bowens and Caster has to break the pin. Caster hits a Death Valley Driver on Woods. Nese hits a chop on Bowens after throwing Caster to the floor. Bowens counters against Nese. He hits a knee to Woods on the apron. Bowens hits a powerslam on Nese before Caster hits Mic Drop Elbow Drop to get the pin.

Winners – The Acclaimed

After the match, Mark Sterling says he is not handing over Scissor Me trademark. Billy Gunn takes the papers away from him and throws him into the ring for some scissoring. Bowens hits him with scissor me timber leg drop from the top. Gunn rips apart the trademark.

Hook(c) vs Ari Daivari – FTW Championship

Daivari gives Hook a last warning to take his money. Hook hits a big shot to send the bills flying in the air. Hook hits a few shots. After a distraction from Daivari’s butler, Daivari kicks him in the corner for a while. Hook fires back with body punches. Hook hits him with a Russian Leg Sweep and a fisherman’s suplex. The butler distracts him again and Daivari rolls him up for a two-count. More distraction leads to an Urinage from Daivari. Hook counters his finisher and puts on RedRum to get the submission.

Winner – Hook

After the match, Hook puts the Butler in RedRum to choke him out.

Stokeley Hathaway and Ethan Page from the Firm tell Matt Hardy that they have a match scheduled for him at Dark Elevation on Monday.

Leila Gray vs Willow Nightingale

Gray hits some body shots in the corner. Willow does a cartwheel to get out of the corner and tackles Gray. Gray drops her on the ropes. Willow hits her with short clotheslines in the ring. Gray nails her with a punch but Willow drops her with a bodyslam. Gray runs out of the ring and distracts the referee. Keira Hogan hits Willow with a superkick on the floor. We cut to a break.

Willow hits an enzuigiri as we return. She hits a backsplash, a clothesline, a boot and a spinebuster to get a two-count. Willow gets Gray up in Fireman’s Carry but Gray slips out to drop her face into the mat. Willow hits a backdrop suplex. Hogan talks trash to Willow and this gives Gray a chance to roll Willow up. Willow pushes Hogan off the apron and hits Doctor bomb on Gray to get the pin.

Winner – Willow Nightingale

Tony Schiavone comes out to the ring and hands Willow her official contract for AEW.

Jade Cargill comes out to the ring with a chair and sits in the middle. She gives Nyla Rose 10 counts to come out and hand her TBS title. She starts to countdown. Nyla appears on the big screen and tells Jade that she has got Jade’s car keys from the valet. Nyla drives off with Jade’s car.

Orange Cassidy(c) vs Rush vs Preston Vance – Triple Threat match for AEW All Atlantic Championship

Rush and Vance slug it out while Cassidy just stands in a corner. They realize what’s happeing. Cassidy puts his hands in his pocket and hits his lazy kicks. Rush nails Vance with a big shot to send him to the floor. Cassidy hits a dropkick on Rush and hits a dive on Vance on the floor. Rush catches him midair as he returns and sends him to the corner. Rush fakes a dropkick in the corner before hitting stomping on Cassidy. We cut to a break.

10 spears Rush from the apron. Cassidy was going for the Orange Punch but 10 puts him in the Full Nelson. Cassidy counters with a stunner. Cassidy hits Rush with a DDT. Cassidy hits Beach Break on 10. Jose breaks the pin. Danhausen comes in and hits a low blow on Jose. Rush nails Danhausen with an elbow. Rush hits Cassidy with a superkick before hitting a belly to belly into the turnbuckles. 10 hits Rush with back body drops and a spinebuster. 10 hits a wheelbarrow suplex on Cassidy and a discuss lariat but Rush breaks the pin. 10 hits Rush with several shots. Rush turns it around and unloads on him in the corner. Cassidy hits Orange Punch on Rush. He goes Beach Break on 10, but had to resort to rana pin to get the three counts.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

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