AEW Dynamite October 18, 2022 Live Results – Moxley vs Page

AEW Dynamite 18 October 2022
Image Credits – AEW

AEW Dynamite on October 18, 2022, will go head to head with WWE NXT episode. AEW is coming prepared for the battle with 4 title matches on the card tonight.

Jon Moxley will defend AEW Championship in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH, against Adam Page. Interim AEW Women’s Championship will be on the line in the match between Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida.

Death Triangle has a formidable task in front of them as they defend AEW Trios titles against Orange Cassidy and Best Friends. Cassidy has already defeated PAC last week to win All Atlantic Championship. Lastly, Chris Jericho is announced to defend ROH World title against Dalton Castle.

Additionally, we get an exclusive interview of Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta along with MJF addressing the crowd. Tune in below for AEW Dyanmite results from October 18, 2022 episode with winners, highlights and videos with complete action.


  • Death Triangle(PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix)(c) defeated Orange Cassidy & Best Friends(Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Trios World Championship.
  • Toni Storm(c) defeated Hikaru Shida in a singles match via pinfall to retain Interim AEW Women’s Championship.
  • Chris Jericho(c) defeated Dalton Castle in a singles match via pinfall to retain ROH World Championship.
  • Jon Moxley(c) defeated Adam Page in a singles match via Doctor’s Stoppage to retain AEW World Championship.

Live Updates

Death Triangle(PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix)(c) vs Orange Cassidy & Best Friends(Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor) – AEW Trios World Championship

PAC knocks off Cassidy off the apron and Baretta, the legal man, rolls him up for a two-count. Baretta and PAC go back and forth for a bit. PAC tags out to Fenix. Chuck comes in from the other side. Lucha Bros work together on Chuck. Baretta ends up getting crashed into Taylor in the corner. Baretta counters against Fenix by teaming up with Taylor. Cassidy comes in and they go for a trios finisher. PAC pulls Cassidy down and Death Triangle send their opponent to the floor before hitting them with suicide dives. As they return to the ring, Cassidy is cornered by Death Triangle until we go to a break.

A tower of doom spot takes place during the break. PAC hits spinning kicks on Cassidy. Cassidy counters with a stundog millionare. PAC comes in and this starts a series of big moves from each wrestler in the match. Baretta sends PAC to the floor. Lucha Bros catch Baretta with stereo superkick. Death Triangle triple team against Cassidy and Taylor has to make the save. Taylor sends Rey Fenix into the ringpost. Best Friends hits PAC with half and half combination. Baretta and Taylor both hit Penta with piledrivers. Cassidy hits a splash off Best Friends shoulders and PAC has to break the pin.

PAC gets the timekeeper’s hammer. Fenix gets it away from PAC. Cassidy rolls up PAC for a two-count before he nails him with Orange Punch. Penta gets the tag but he gets hit with spiked piledriver from Best Friends. Fenix breaks the pin. Fenix fights Best Freinds alone before hitting Baretta with Black Fire Driver to get the pin.

Winners – Death Triangle

Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker are backstage and says it is a travesty that neither of them are interim Women’s Champion. They tell us to note that they will become Women’s Champion before the end of 2022.

Toni Storm(c) vs Hikaru Shida – Interim AEW Women’s Championship

They shake hands before starting. They come to a stalemate after a lockup. Storm takes Shida down with a side headlock. Shida puts her in headscissors. Storm hits a tackle. Shida nails her with a dropkick. Storm nails her with a punch on the ropes to send her to the floor. We cut to a break.

Storm hits a knee as we return. Shida replies with a hurricanrana. Shida hits a jumping knee before unloading in the corner from the second rope. Shida hits a missile dropkick to get a two-count. Forearm shots from both women. Shida hits an enzuigiri. Storm meets her on the top rope. Shida hits her with headbutts to send her down and hits Meteora. She hits a gutwrench slam to get a near fall. Storm ducks Venus shoot kick and hits a German suplex and hip attack in the corner. Shida counters with a brainbuster. Back and forth before Shida gets a two-count with rana pin. Storm hits a bridging German suplex to get a near fall herself. More back and forth action before Storm hits Storm Zero to get the pin.

Winner – Toni Storm

Jamie Hayter and Rebel attack Storm after the match. Britt Baker enters before Saraya follows her. Saraya attacks Baker on the ramp. Hayter gets to the floor to deal with Saraya. Riho returns to save Storm from Rebel in the ring. She hits Hayter with a crossbody dive on the floor.

Samoa Joe and Wardlow gets a pre-recorded promo against The Kingdom Mike Bennett and Matt Taven.

Renee Paquette is with FTR backstage for an interview. They say they have so many opponents coming for them for their different titles, but AEW Tag Team titles is their ultimate goal. Shane Strickland and Keith Lee come in and take offense on FTR’s #1 contender status. Dax Harwood proposes FTR vs Swerve in Our Glory for #1 contender match next week on Dynamite. Keith Lee agrees.

Jay Lethal catches up with Darby Allin and asks for a rematch. Darby says he can beat Lethal again in any number of rematches. Sonjay Dutt gets in his face and tells him that a good friend has told him about Darby’s weakness. Some more argument leads to a brawl with Lethal and Dutt overwhelming Darby easily. They send him into a shutter before trapping him under it. Lethal hurts Darby’s leg with a figure four leg lock.

MJF & William Regal Spar with Words

We cut to the ring where William Regal is in the ring with Tony Schiavone. MJF interrupt them with his entrance. MJF gets into the ring and he starts to narate a story of when he got some extras work in WWE. He recalls how he had a tryout match before NXT and how Regal took him to his office to discuss. MJF recalls how Regal asked him to sell himself in 3 minutes and MJF came up with a great promo. MJF then reveals that Regal told him that he is too young being 19 years old. MJF claims that resuscitated him by saying that people like Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson got jobs in WWE due to Regal, and Regal assured him that he will also get a WWE contract later.

Regal asked MJF to send a match and a promo every month, but Regal shut him down after third month, telling him to stop sending the mails. MJF gets emotional as he tells Regal that mail almost made him quit pro wrestling. MJF now gets mad and says the tables have turned in 2022 and he got fired from WWE and has to sneak into AEW. He compares how he is here on the top and WWE will be behind him in the bidding war of 2024. MJF ends the promo by saying that he will become AEW World Champion, he is better than you and you know it.

Regal starts his own promo. He tells us how he started in pro wrestling when he was 16 and used to get beaten up every night by grown men. But MJF had got it easy because we are not in a time when grown men could beat 16 years old. Regal says when he told MJF to stop sending him mails, he wanted to light a fire on his backside. Regal says MJF has not proven anything to him yet despite making so much money in here. He says how MJF is using factions like Pinnacle and The Firm to do his bidding, using the diamond ring to win matches.

Regal says MJF has not proven himself yet and tells him to beat everyone in his journey toward the AEW World Champion. Regal offers MJF a free shot on him if he wants. Regal stands in the ring with his back towards MJF who is pretty angry. MJF gets his diamond ring on but does not take the show. Regal leaves the ring to end the segment.

The Acclaimed are backstage with Renee Paquette and they welcome her to AEW. They announce a title vs trademark match against The Varsity Athletes Josh Woods & Tony Nese on Rampage and after winning it, they can get back to scissoring.

Renee is with Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta. Bryan talks about Daniel Garcia becoming the best wrestler ever with right guidance, but he was dissappointed last week by his actions. Yuta tells him that Bryan was the only one not being able to see that. Yuta says he and Claudio Castagnoli could see Garcia’s turn a miles away.

Chris Jericho(c) vs Dalton Castle – ROH World Championship

Jericho offers a Code of Honor handshake but Castle gives him a middle finger. Jericho takes the first shot but Castle hits him with shoulder tackles and an arm drag. Jericho sends him to the floor with a drop kick. The Boys hype up and run after Castle around the ring. Castle hits body slams on Jericho when he returns to the ring. He hits a suplex next. Castle knocks Hager off the apron before throwing the Boys onto him on the floor. We cut to a break.

Jericho has caught Castle with a dropkick midair just before we return. Castle turns it around in the corner and hits chops. Jericho avoids a running dropkick. Castle falls to the floor. Jericho hits him with a springboard kick. Castle fights back with some quick moves. Castle hits a suicide dive. He ducks Hager and sends him to the Boys who beat him up collectively. Castle and Jericho take out each other with crossbody. Hager fights back against the Boys on the floor and send them into the barricade. Castle puts Jericho into bodyscissor and a rear naked choke. Jericho breaks with elbows and puts on Liontamer Walls of Jericho.

Castle gets to the ropes to break the submission. Jericho celebrates like he has won it. The referee tells him to continue. Jericho gets into her face. Castle hits a clothesline to get a two-count. They trade shots while being on their knees. Castle catches him from the ropes to hit a German suplex to get a near fall. Castle swings him around before hitting Bang-A-Rang, but Jericho kicks out. Jericho hits Judas Effect out of nowhere to get the pin.

Winner – Chris Jericho

After the match, Jericho Appreciation Society celebrates with Chris Jericho. Jericho cuts a promo on the stage and says he will continue to desecrate ROH’s legacy. He will beat ROH Champions and even commentators. JAS grab the commentator Ian Riccaboni but before they could beat him up, Jerry Lynn comes out and takes the title from Jericho. Jericho hits him with a piledriver on top of the title.

Christian Cage gets a video package talking about Jungle Boy and how Luchasaurus defeated him last week.

Jade Cargill is backstage. The Baddies Keira Hogan and Leila Gray come in and tell her that Nyla Rose is not here tonight, but she will be there on Rampage. Cargill sends a message to Tony Khan that she will hijack Rampage until Rose gives her title back to her.

Jon Moxley(c) vs Adam Page – AEW World Championship

Adam Page comes out first. Moxley makes his entrance through the crowd as usual. Page gets into the crowd as Moxley was making his entrance through them. Page unloads on Moxley before hitting a suplex on an exposed floor. The crowd boos him as he poses from a platform. Page hits a moonsault from the platform. We cut to a break.

We return to see the bell ringing with both men in the ring. They get to the floor once again. Page whips Moxley into the steel steps. He breaks the count down before unloading on Moxley’s head, which is already bleeding. Moxley is gasping for air as Page hits him with a suplex back in the ring. Moxley invites more attack and Page duly obliges. Moxley counters Dead Eye with figure four. Page hits him with punches and rakes his eyes to break figure four. They trade some quick shots before Page whips Moxley from corner to corner.

Moxley catches him with a cutter. Moxley unloads with punches from the second ropes. A big chop to the chest and back rakes are followed by a superplex for a two-count. Moxley stomps on Page’s face. Page blocks juji-gatame at first and had to get to the ropes to break it. MJF is not in the sky box like he usually is. Page hits Dead Eye on the apron. Moxley falls to the floor as we cut to a break.

They are fighting on the top as we return. Page hits an avalanche fallaway slam to get a close two-count. Back and forth before Page lands on his feet from a German suplex and nails Mox with a left arm lariat. Moxley drops him with king kong lariat. Page is down in the ring. The referee brings in a doctor to check on Page. The ringside physician has stopped the match due to an injury to Page.

Winner – Jon Moxley

Moxley is celebrating his win. AEW Officials are taking Page to the back. The commentators cut to show us the match card from Rampage and next week’s Dynamite.

Moxley takes the mic and he hopes that Page recovers quickly to perform for the fans again. He points out that this is the danger of this business. Moxley goes to call out MJF to cash in his chip. MJF indeed runs out with a referee. He gets into the ring and removes his shirt, teasing the cash-in. But, he gets out after a while and hands the chip to William Regal. MJF runs to the stage to take the mic and says he wants Moxley at 100%, as for the first time in his life, he wants to earn it. MJF announces that he will cash in his chip at Full Gear. Moxley tells him that he will get his boot.

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