AEW Dynamite Results April 5, 2023, Live Updates

AEW Dynamite April 5 2023
Credits – AEW

AEW Dynamite comes to Long Island, NY, on April 5, 2023, with a stacked card, and we will be here with complete results from the show.

Tony Khan has a very important announcement to make during the show. AEW Champion MJF celebrated homecoming with MJF Day celebration. 4 title matches were on the card. The first one among them was FTR challenging The Gunns for AEW Tag Team Championship with their AEW career on the line.

House of Black defended AEW Trios Championship against Best Friends and Orange Cassidy. Jamie Hayter defended AEW Women’s Championship against former champion Riho. Hook faced Ethan Page in a match for FTW Championship.

We also heard from Blackpool Combat Club about their newfound aggression. Juice Robinson and Ricky Starks were supposed to clash in a grudge match. Sammy Guevara took on Komander in another singles match. The Acclaimed gave their answer to Jericho Appreciation Society over joining the faction.

Check below for all this and more results from AEW Dynamite April 5, 2023 episode along with live updates, winners and highlights.


  • Juice Robinson vs Ricky Starks ended in a no contest.
  • House of Black(Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Mathews)(c) defeated Orange Cassidy, Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor) in a tag team match via pinfall to retain AEW Trios Championship.
  • Jamie Hayter(c) defeated Riho in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW Women’s Championship.
  • Sammy Guevara defeated Komander in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Hook(c) defeated Ethan Page in a singles match via pinfall to retain FTW Championship.
  • Blackpool Combat Club defeated Enhancement Talent in a tag team match via submission.
  • FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) defeated The Gunns(Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn)(c) in a tag team match via pinfall to win AEW Tag Team Championship.


Juice Robinson vs Ricky Starks

Both participants make their entrance. The bell rings to start the match. Jay White’s music hits and he runs out and joins Juice in attacking Starks. They hug before continuing the beatdown. Ricky fights back and unloads on White. Juice hits him with a leg lariat when he turns around. White hits Starks with Bladerunner. White poses for the crowd before Juice and White leave to the back.

Result – No Contest

We get a video package for Adam Cole’s in-ring return last week where he beat Daniel Garcia and how Chris Jericho would come out to check on Garcia. Jericho is interviewed backstage and says Cole got the win, and then he got his girl and a big celebration and it goes on and on, while Garcia was just lying there. Jericho could not have let this happen to one of the brightest talents in AEW. Keith Lee is passing by and stops after hearing Jericho. Lee says Jericho is one of the most disrespectful person in AEW and while he has had his battle with Cole, he respects Cole. Lee challenges Jericho for a match next week.

House of Black(Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Mathews)(c) vs Orange Cassidy, Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor) – AEW Trios Championship

The trio of Cassidy, Baretta and Taylor is dropped by Baretta’s mom Su. Black and Trent start the match. Black hits a drop toe hold. Trent puts on a side headlock. Black gets to his feet and they trade shots. Black counters a suplex with a roll-up for a two-count. Trent hits jumping knee strike and tags in Taylor. Black fights off with a kick on Trent and leg sweep on Taylor. Brody tags in and hits a tackle on Taylor. Taylor pushes him back and Mathews tags in. Taylor hits an armdrag on Mathews.

Cassidy tags in and throws off his sunglasses. Quick counters until Buddy drops Cassidy on the turnbuckles. All 6 men are in the ring now to start a brawl. Brody takes Taylor to the floor, sets him up against the barricade and hits a crossbody. Cassidy goes for dive but Black and Mathews catch him and drops him. The same thing happens with Trent who is then sent into an elbow shot from Brody. We cut to a break.

Cassidy is starting to fight back as we return. He pushes all 3 opponents on the floor. Best Friends come in and help Cassidy hit a dive on the opponents. Best Friends hug in the ring before they hit a chokeslam and powerbomb combo on Black. Everyone starts to hit big moves until Black and Cassidy are the ones left. Cassidy hits lazy kicks. Black hits roundhouse kick. Cassidy hits stundog millionaire on Black. Brody and Trent tag in.

Baretta is able to take down all 3 men with hits piledrivers. Black breaks a pinfall on Brody to save the match. House of Black get back into the match. Taylor rolls up Mathews for a two-count. Mathews hits a curbstomp to get the pinfall.

Winner – House of Black

Christian Cage is backstage and we see Luchasaurus returning and joining him.

Jamie Hayter(c) vs Riho – AEW Women’s Championship

They shake hands after the bell. Riho counters Haytred with a roll-up. They run around and Riho counters a few times before they trade pin attempts. Hayter hits a series of shoulder tackles off the ropes. Riho hits back with a hurricanrana to send Hayter to the floor. She hits a crossbody on the floor. Back to the ring, Hayter catches Riho’s dive and hits a gutbuster. Hayter puts on a hold. Riho breaks free and sends Hayter to the apron. Hayter hits a kick on the ropes. Riho tries to counter with an exploder but Hayter hits an Urinage on the apron to take us to a break.

Riho drops Hayter on the ropes with a hurricanrana, hits a 619 and follows up with a crossbody to get a near fall. Riho hits a couple of dragon suplexes to get another close two-count. Hayter avoidsa a diving foot stomp and hits a neckbreaker. She hits a low clothesline to get a two-count. Hayter hits a superplex. Riho counters a brainbuster with a DDT. Hayter sets up Riho on the top. Riho blocks a move and goes for a choke. Hayter blocks it and sends Riho on the apron.

Riho hits an avalanche hurricanrana and double knees in the corner. Hayter puts her foot on the ropes to break the pin. Riho goes for a dragon suplex but Hayter blocks it. Back and forth counters from both women until Hayter hits Haytred. Riho kicks out of the pin. Hyater is enraged and hits another powerful Haytred to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jamie Hayter

Hayter shows respect to Riho after the match as Britt Baker comes into the ring.

We cut to backstage to join The Outcasts. They congratulate Hayter but say the Outcasts will take the title away from her.

Matt Menard, Angelo Parker and Jake Hager are on the stage. The Acclaimed come out and Max Caster raps that they are not joining JAS. Parker cut them off and says he feels like they want to fight together. He announces that The Acclaimed, Menard and Parker will fight together on Rampage this week. Parker wants to scissor with Billy Gunn. Gunn stops him and says the scissoring should only be done by professionals. Bowens and Gunn scissor.


We see MJF getting the keys to his hometown of Oyesterbay in Long Island earlier this week by the Mayor. We see MJF giving a respectful speech for a change. We cut back to the show where a band is waiting for us on the stage. MJF comes out amid huge cheers. He gets on the mic on the stage and welcomes everyone to MJF day. He says he loves it when it rains in Long Island. MJF asks the band to hit and starts to sing a song for Long Island.

The Mayor of Oyesterbay is in the ring now. He gives a speech praising MJF and says it is his distinct honor to give him a key to Long Island. He officially announces that April 5 will be now known as MJF Day. He says the key he gave him earlier was not at the stature of MJF and hands him a bigger key now. MJF thanks him and the Mayor leaves. MJF gets the “You Deserve It” chants started. He brings up the names of Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin and Jungle Boy and takes shots at them.

MJF starts to tell us a story from his childhood. MJF says he suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder but there was a teacher, Mrs. Benedict in his school who would just pounce on him and ask him questions when he loses focus, and tell the class not to be like Friedman. On the last day of school, Mrs. Benedict asked him where his mind goes. MJF replied, “pro-wrestling”. Mrs. Benedict said that it would never open. MJF then says Mrs. Benedict’s math was off as he is AEW World Champion now. He says not to a b##tch like Mrs. Benedict.

MJF says if you bust your a##, you can be anything you want to be other than MJF. MJF leaves the ring and asks the crowd if they want to hear an encore. One of the musicians plays a drum early and MJF berates him. It turns out to be Jungle Boy Jack Perry, who attacks MJF. They brawl for a while before the security separates them. Sammy Guevara comes out for his match and picks up the AEW World title belt lying on the stage. MJF gets enraged but he is held back by the security.

Sammy Guevara vs Komander

Sammy attacks Komander with a dropkick as Komander was removing his jacket. Sammy hits a springboard moonsault on the floor. Sammy goes for another move from the top but Komander cuts him off with a superkick. Komander hits a shooting star press after walking the ropes. Sammy rolls to the floor. Komander walks the ropes from one corner to another before hitting springboard dive. Sammy counters that dive with knee strike. We cut to a break.

Komander hits a reverse hurricanrana as we return. He walks the ropes again and hits a springboard senton on the floor. He misses a springboard shooting star press. Sammy rolls to the floor. He returns and Komander hits a moonsault to get a two-count. Sammy gets his knees up on another springboard shooting star press. Komander blocks GTH and rolls up Sammy for a two-count. Komander hits a gamengiri as Sammy goes to the top. Sammy cuts off Komander’s ropewalk midway with a cutter and follows up with GTH to get the pinfall.

Winner – Sammy Guevara

Sammy is interviewed in the ring as Darby Allin, MJF and Jungle Boy watch him from different places. Sammy remembers his previous match against MJF where Shawn Spears hit him with a chair to help out MJF. Sammy says MJF’s side of four pillars was made by the people MJF used to trick other people. Sammy takes shot at MJF for turning on so many people in AEW. Sammy continues his promo but the crowd is not into it one bit. He ends it by claiming that he will become the AEW World Champion.

Hook vs Ethan Page

Hook starts with a T-Bone suplex after Page tries to intimidate him. Page rolls to the floor. He whips Hook into the steel steps and ringpost. Page goes for a Twist of Fate but Hook is the one who hits it after a counter. Hook hits more quick moves. Isiah Kassidy distracts the referee. Hardy goes to hand FTW title to Page but instead hits Page with the title. Hook puts on the RedRum to get the submission.

Winner – Hook

Tony Khan is with Niggel McGuinness backstage for his big announcement. Khan announces first AEW All In to take place in London. Khan brings in Adam Cole who announces that the event will take place at Wembley Stadium in London.

Blackpool Combat Club vs Enhancement Talent

BCC trio beat up their opponents with big moves. Claudio and Mox hit a spiked piledriver on the floor. Yuta puts on a single leg crab on one of the opponents. Another opponent come in and boots Yuta. Moxley comes in and beats up this man. Yuta hits hammer elbows and puts on Labell Lock to get the submission.

Winner – Blackpool Combat Club

Bryan Danielson gets into the ring while the others keep destroying their opponents. Bryan says he was with his family who he loves. Bryan says he loves his family, BCC and professional wrestling. He asks if their opponents were like professional wrestlers. Bryan claims that only 4 of them are pro wrestlers in this company.

Hangman Page makes his entrance. Page attacks BCC but the numbers game is too much for him. BCC choke him out at the ropes. Bryan calls Page an amateur and that Mox, Yuta and Claudio are professionals. Bryan says he loves these men but there is nobody that loves Page. Bryan brings out a screwdriver and says he was teaching his kids how to fix up their house. He is now going to fix AEW. Bryan goes on and gauges the screwdriver at Page’s face.

The Gunns(Austin Gunn & Colten Gunn)(c) vs FTR(Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) – AEW Tag Team Championship

Colten and Cash start the match. Colen hits shoulder tackles. Cash tackles to midsection and tags in Dax. Quick tags between FTR to keep Colten under control. Colten is pulled to the floor by Austin. Cash hits a basement slide dropkick on Colten. Austin pulls Cash off the apron while the referee was distracted. Austin hits a knee and Colten hits a clothesline to drop Cash. Cash hits a couple of uppercuts but The Gunns continue to be in control. We cut to a break.

Dax gets the tag after the break and hits quick punches. He hits chops on Colten before some ground and pound punches on both opponents. Dax hits a spinebuster and a clothesline to send Austin to the floor. A bit of back- and-forth leads to Dax getting a two-count over Colten. Dax gets Colten on his shoulders and Cash tags in for a double team slam. They hit double team DDT on Austin. Austin fights back with and takes Cash to his scorner. Dax gets a blind tag and FTR hit spiked piledriver for a near fall. Colten blocks Shatter Machine.

FTR work to hit Shatter Machine on Austin but Colten pulls out the referee. Gunn tells the referee to call a DQ but the referee refuses to do it. A DQ would have also meant FTR’s AEW career being over. Colten sends Cash into the ringpost. Dax knocks off Colten off the apron. Austin hits Dax with fameasser to get a near fall. Austin goes for pedigree but Dax counters with a pin attempt for a two-count. He gets more two-count until Austin hits a low blow. The referee was going for a DQ but Cash stops him. Colten attacks Cash from behind. The Gunns hits Big Rig on Cash for a near fall.

Colten throws in the title belt but the referee catches it. He slips in another title belt when the referee was putting the other one away. Austin sends Dax into the title belt when he goes for a diving headbutt. Dax kicks out of the pin though. Dax blocks another Big Rig. Cash dives in to roll up Colten while Dax rolls up Austin to get the pinfall.

Winner – FTR

FTR celebrate their title win to close the show.

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