Tony Schiavone Reveals His AEW Contract Expires in April 2023

Tony Schiavone AEW

Tony Schiavone provides an update on when his contract with AEW expires. 

Tony Schiavone was interviewed by Conrad Thompson at What Happened When where Thompson stated that Schiavone had a lifetime deal with AEW. Tony Schiavone responded to this by saying, “That’s a fucking lie. Unless my life ends by April of next year.”

He also added that there is no guarantee that AEW would re-sign him after his contract expires next year.  And that he approaches his job as a day-to-day thing. 

However, Conrad disagreed and stated that AEW would certainly sign him again and even give him a pay bump. 

Tony Schiavone provides live commentary in AEW and also serves as a senior producer in the company. He also conducts on-screen interviews during live segments. Moreover, Schiavone also co-hosts AEW Unrestricted and AEW Control Center episodes. 

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