AEW Dynamite Results October 5, 2022, Live Updates

AEW Dynamite October 5 2022
Image Credits – AEW

Welcome to the Live Results blog for AEW Dynamite October 5, 2022 episode which will be the third-anniversary show for Wednesday Night Dynamite.

A stacked card is advertised as usual with TNT Championship on the line. Wardlow will defend the TNT title after his open challenge is answered by Brian Cage. Chris Jericho will have punishment on his mind as he teams up with Sammy Guevara to take on his former protege Danial Garcia and Bryan Danielson.

MJF will return to in-ring action as he faces Wheeler Yuta. Adam Page takes on Rush while Jay Lethal collides with Darby Allin in another singles matches. AEW Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed will celebrate National Scissoring.

Tune in as we post results from AEW Dynamite October 5, 2022 episode with winners, highlights, live updates, videos and complete action.


  • MJF defeated Wheeler Yuta in a singles match via submission.
  • Darby Allin defeated Jay Lethal in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Wardlow(c) defeated Brian Cage via pinfall to retain AEW TNT Championship.
  • Toni Storm, Athena & Willow Nightingale defeated Jamie Hayter, Penelope Ford & Serena Deeb in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Adam Page defeated Rush in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Luchasaurus defeated Fuego Del Sol in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara defeated Bryan Danielson & Daniel Garcia in a tag team match via pinfall.

Live Updates

MJF vs Wheeler Yuta

MJF ducks Yuta and does a Ric Flair strut. More shenanigans follow from MJF until Yuta hits him with arm drags and a couple of dropkicks. Yuta keeps up with the attack until MJF sends him into the turnbuckle behind the referee’s back. MJF starts to work on Yuta in a slow methodical manner. MJF hits a backbreaker and a gutwrench suplex. We cut to a break.

Yuta whips MJF into the corner as we return. MJF blocks a German suplex and sends him to the ropes. Yuta slingshots and hits a trio of German suplexes. He hits another suplex to end that sequence. MJF hits a back elbow and a stomp on Yuta’s elbow on the ropes. MJF counters with a powerbomb on his knees to get a near fall. MJF toys with Yuta with some slaps before raking his eyes. Yuta nails him with a step-up enzuigiri. They trade several pin attempts with counters on each other. MJF bridges up from a jacknife. Yuta reveres a piledriver and starts another series of pin attempts. They drop each other with clotheslines at the same time.

They take their time to get up. Yuta nails MJF with a punch. He goes to the top by MJF disturbs the ropes to trip him. MJF goes for avalanche piledriver but Yuta blocks it to hit an avalanche hurricanrana. He follows up with a tope suicida as MJF went to the floor. MJF moves away once again but Yuta connects a diving splash this time to get a near fall. Yuta hits elbows to neck before MJF counters with fujiwara armbar. Yuta tries to get his feet on the ropes but MJF pulls him back to the center and flips over for an advanced version on armbar to get the submission.

Winner – MJF

After the match, Yuta offers a handshake. MJF shows off like he is thinking about it. Lee Moriarty attacks Yuta. MJF pushes him back saying he did not tell him to do that. Stokeley Hathaway hands him the Dynamite Diamond ring. MJF is not willing to hit Yuta with it but Stokeley hands the ring to him. William Regal gets up from the commentary and puts on his knuckles. Regal gets into the ring and has a face-off with MJF in the ring. MJF leaves after a brief face-off.

We get a video package for Danielson & Garcia vs Jericho & Guevara match. 2Point0 duo rant against Garcia for abandoning them. Chris Jericho says every trick that Garcia knows came from him and he will systematically disintegrate him.

Jay Lethal vs Darby Allin

They start with standing switches. More counters from both sides. Darby puts on a chin lock after counters an arm drag. Darby hits a springboard arm drag. They come to a stalemate after more counters. Darby offers a handshake but Lethal kicks him in the midsection. Lethal starts to work on Darby’s knee with stomps and knee breaker. Darby counters with a kick to his knee and puts on a guillotine. Lethal deadlifts him. Darby counters with a DDT to take us to a break.

Darby goes for a boot in the corner but Lethal kicks at his knee again before hitting a German suplex. Darby fights out of a superplex. Lethal hits Dragon Screw leg from the top rope. Lethal puts on figure four leg lock now. Darby tries to get to the ropes but Lethal drags him back. Darby gets to the ropes in second attempt. Darby hits a back elbow and trips Lethal in Lethal Injection. Darby hits Code Red to get a near fall. Sonjay Dutt comes out to the stage. Darby gets distracted and Lethal trips him on the top rope. Lethal tells Dutt and Satnam Singh to go back. They start a series of pin attempts. Darby puts on the Last Supper and uses it to get the pin.

Winner – MJF

Dutt and Singh come to ramp to talk to Lethal. Darby offers Lethal a handshake and Lethal accepts it. Dutt is shouting at Lethal as he exits to the back.

We get a video package from Prince Nana’s stable The Embassy with Brian Cage and Kaun.

Wardlow(c) vs Brian Cage – AEW TNT Championship

Cage starts with a punch before hitting shoulder tackles in the corner. Wardlow throws him to the corner to hit tackles of his own. They trade big clotheslines but refuse to go down. They trade shots before Wardlow hits a hurricanrana. Cage drops him to the ropes with Tijeras. Cage goes for 619 but Wardlow catches him and hits a body slam. Prince Nana distracts the referee. Cage counters powerbomb with a spinebuster to take us to a break.

Wardlow is firing back with punches. Wardlow hits a moonsault after quickly jumping to the top. He hits a German suplex and a belly-to-belly suplex. Wardlow goes to the top now but Cage trips him. Cage hits a suplex from the second rope. Wardlow escapes drill claw and hits a spinebuster to get a two-count. Wardlow misses the wind-up lariat. Cage hits a Samoan drop to get a two-count. Cage goes for powerbomb but Wardlow comes out of it and hits a couple of headbutts. Wardlow hits a wind up lariat and removes his slings. Wardlow hits a powerbomb now. He does not go for a cover though. He hits another powerbomb and a couple of more to get the pin.

Winner – Wardlow

Gates of Agony attack Wardlow after the match. Samoa Joe comes out and starts to attack The Embassy. The numbers game is too much for him though. FTR come out and force Embassy to get out of the ring. FTR and Gates of Agony have a staredown for a few seconds.

Britt Baker gives us an update that Saraya is not medically cleared. So, they can ship her back to UK, and this is still Baker’s house.

Toni Storm, Athena & Willow Nightingale vs Jamie Hayter, Penelope Ford & Serena Deeb

Britt Baker and Saraya are in either corner. Hayter and Willow were to start but Hayter tags in Ford while Willow brings in Athena. Athena trips Ford and hits a dropkick. Ford hits her with a boot before Athena catches her crossbody and slams her to the mat. Ford takes her to her corner and hits a handspring elbow. Deeb hits a couple of uppercuts after tagging in. Athena tags to Storm who hits her with a dropkick. Storm keeps up with quick attacks. Storm, Athena and Willow attack Deeb one after the other in quick succession. Storm was going for Storm Zero but Hayter distracts her. Deeb hits a chop block on Storm and unloads with punches to take us to a break.

Storm is fighting back but Deeb hits her with an inverted dragon screw. Deeb and Hayter hit suplexes on Athena and Willow as they try to save Storm. Ford tags in and Storm kicks her away. Storm hits an enzuigiri on Deeb and tags in Willow. Willow comes in hot against Hayter and hits quick moves to keep Hayter under control. Deeb works on Willow when she comes in. Saraya stops Rebel and Baker from using a crutch. Willow hits a big tackle on Deeb. Every woman in the match gets involved with big moves. Ford hits a cutter on Willow to end that sequence. Willow hits a dropkick to her chest when she was going for a handspring elbow. Willow hits Doctor bomb to get the pin.

Winner – Toni Storm, Athena & Willow Nightingale

Saraya and Britt Baker face off in the ring after the match with their teams with them. A brawl starts between the two sides. Britt avoids Saraya and goes to the floor. Only Saraya and Rebel are left in the ring. Saraya drops Rebel with a roundhouse kick to close the segment.

Rush and Jose The Assistant talk to Private Party backstage about not helping out Rush in his endeavors in recent weeks.

National Scissoring Day

The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn come out for National Scissoring Day. There is a podium in the ring and Anthony Bowens talks first from there. Bowens points out how they are the winningest and most popular tag team in AEW as they are homegrown. Bowens announces that Daddy A– T-shirt is the number 1 selling T-shirt on AEW Shop this year. Bowens adds that scissoring is a handshake and a sign of a true team. He takes a shot at Swerve in Out Glory saying that they are just a team thrown together.

Billy Gunn says this isn’t Swerve’s house but this is Daddy A– house. Gunn hands The Acclaimed two big scissors as a gift. Bowens runs around with scissors and Gunn shouts at him to not do it. Caster asks the crowd to scissor everyone on their left and right. Caster now wants to talk about greatness and tells us how his dad won the Super Bowl in Washington forty years ago. Caster says his Dad’s ring is a prized possession and proof of greatness. He asks for no divisions tonight between lefts and rights, and to do a bipartisan scissor.

Shane “Swerve” Strickland interrupts them and says this is the most idiotic thing he has ever seen. He also says that tag titles should be on Gunn’s shoulders as he helped Acclaimed to win them. Swerve is holding a rock in his hands and points out how rock beats scissors. He challenges Gunn for a match next week. But before Gunn could answer, “Smart” Mark Sterling enters holding papers. Sterling takes the Rock, Paper, Scissors forward and says paper beats rock. Sterling says the Acclaimed need him to help beat Strickland and offers to represent them. The Acclaimed drop him. Gunn accepts Swerve’s challenge for the match. The Acclaimed and Daddy A– scissor to close the segment.

Madison Rayne and Skye Blue are interviewed backstage when they get interrupted by Tay Melo and Anna JAS. The two sides argue and a match is set for Rampage this week.

Adam Page vs Rush

They start by trading shots. Rush invites chops to start back-and-forth chops. Page goes to the apron and Rush ducks down to stop Page’s buckshot attempt. Jose grabs Page’s boot and Rush takes a big shot at him. Rush beats up Page on the floor now. Jose distracts the referee and Rush gets to use wires to choke out Page for a while. We cut to a break.

Page fires back with body shots as we return. He hits a fallaway slam. He kips up but Rush nails him with a shot from behind. Page sends him to the apron and hits a springboard lariat. A crossbody follows on the floor. Page hits a Death Valley Driver to get a two-count. Rush no-sells Page’s punches before nailing him with a big shot himself. Rush was stomping on Page in the corner when Page picks him up for a powerbomb to get a two-count. Jose is kicked away when he catches Page’s boot again. Rush takes advantage by hitting a straight jacket piledriver to get a near fall. Rush goes for Bull Horn but Page cuts him off with a lariat and hits Buckshot Lariat quickly to get the pin.

Winner – Adam Page

Private Party were about to attack Page after the match, but AEW World Champion Jon Moxley comes out. Moxley talks about watching Page for three years in AEW, feeling like they will collide one day. He talks about their title match in two weeks. He says he will turn Page blue since he is in the way of him becoming the Best in the World. Moxley clarifies that he has respect for Page, but that respect goes out when that bell rings. Moxley was leaving but Page asks him why he is going back if he has waited for this for so long. Moxley comes back and tells Page that his mouth will get him in trouble. Moxley says he will let him off the hook just once, but he will take him down in 13 days.

Willow Nightingale is backstage with Tony Schiavone. Willow says she is on a roll and wants to challenge for the TBS Championship. The Baddies come in and Jade says she has already defeated Willow. Willow wonders if Jade can beat her for a third time.

Luchasaurus vs Fuego Del Sol

Luchasaurus comes out with Christian Cage. Luchasaurus hits a chokeslam after the bell. He hits a Death Valley Driver to get the pin.

Winner – Luchasaurus

After the match, Luchasaurus was about to continue with the attack but Jungle Boy attacks him with a chair. JB says Luchasaurus was his best friend, but he betrayed him. JB says he will break Luchasaurus bone by bone, piece by piece. Christian Cage says he told JB not to come back. He says Luchasaurus will face JB next week in Toronto.

Bryan Danielson & Daniel Garcia vs Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

Garcia and Jericho start the match. Jericho offers handshake for Code of Honor. Jericho hits an armdrag. Garcia avoids a second arm drag and puts Jericho to the mat. They trade chops before Sammy trips Garcia from the floor. Sammy tags in and unloads on Garcia. Garcia avoids a DDT and hits a dropkick. Bryan gets the tag and drops Jericho off the apron before hitting several big shots on Sammy. He hits a suicide dive on Jericho. He cuts off Sammy’s dive with a knee strike to take us to a break.

Bryan hits a suplex on Sammy as we return. Jericho stops him from a move off the top. Sammy nails Bryan with an enzuigiri before hitting a Spanish Fly from the top to get a close two-count. Jericho tags in for a double shoulder tackle from JAS on Bryan. More chops and punches from JAS. Sammy and Bryan collide in the middle with crossbody. Garcia and Jericho tag in for an aggressive face-off. Sammy tries to jump on Garcia but he nails Sammy with a big punch. Garcia takes Jericho to the corner and stomps on him viciously. Garcia hits a suplex and a penalty kick. Garcia counters Jericho’s Liontamer with his Dragontamer. Sammy breaks it with a superkick. Sammy hits a dive on Bryan on the outside.

Jericho hits some chops and Garcia starts to hulk up to fire back some chops of his own. Garcia gets his knees up on lionsault. Sammy flies in and Garcia puts on a crossface. Bryan gets in and puts Jericho in Labell lock briefly. Garcia and Bryan nail elbows on shoulder and arm. JAS counters. Sammy hits a corkscrew kick on Garcia. He hits a Spanish Fly on Bryan. Garcia avoids GTH and hits a piledriver. Jericho pulls Garcia out to stop the pin. Sammy and Garcia trade big kicks. Jericho puts Bryan through a table. Sammy hits a rising knee and GTH in the ring. Sammy unloads on Garcia. Garcia counters to put on Dragontamer sharpshooter. Jericho nails Garcia with ROH title. Sammy covers him and gets the pin.

Winner – Sammy Guevara & Chris Jericho

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