AEW Dynamite April 26, 2023 Live Results, Updates, Highlights

AEW Dynamite April 26 2023
Credits – AEW

Welcome to the live results blog for AEW Dynamite April 26, 2023 episode which will be live from Sunrise, FL, to continue the build-up towards AEW Double or Nothing 2023 event next month.

Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara will clash in a singles match to earn the #1 contender status to face MJF at Double or Nothing. Will MJF try to interfere once again to help out Sammy Guevara? We will hear from Adam Cole related to the attack from JAS and The Outcasts, TNT Champion Wardlow and Arn Anderson.

Orange Cassidy defends AEW International Championship against Bandido. Jade Cargill faces Taya Valkyrie to defend TBS Women’s title where Road to Valhalla would be banned. Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood faces Jeff Jarrett in a singles match.

Kenny Omega teams up with Konosuke Takeshita for the first time since 2014 to take on The Butcher and the Blade. We will hear from Tony Khan who has another announcement this week. What is this announcement going to be?

To find out, tune in below as we post results from AEW Dynamite April 26, 2023, with live updates, winners, highlights and complete action.


  • Orange Cassidy(c) defeated Bandido in a singles match via pinfall to retain AEW International Championship.
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Dax Harwood in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Wardlow defeated Enhancement Talent in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Sammy Guevara defeated Darby Allin #1 Contender 4 Pillars Tournament Final for AEW World Championship via disqualification.
  • Jade Cargill(c) defeated Taya Valkyrie in a singles match via pinfall to retain TBS Women’s Championship.
  • Kenny Omega & Konosuke Takeshita defeated The Butcher & The Blade in a tag team match via pinfall.


Orange Cassidy(c) vs Bandido- AEW International Championship

Bandido starts with a single leg takedown. He uses a handspring to avoid an attack from Cassidy. Cassidy repeats the same sequence with a takedown and a lazy handspring. Bandido stops him from putting his hands inthe pocket. They trade armdrags before Bandido shows off with double finger guns. Cassidy puts his fingers in his pocket. He counters with tijeras to send Bandido to the floor. Cassidy puts his hands in his pocket as he runs the ropes. He hits a hurricanrana and dropkick to send Bandido back to the floor.

Bandido catches him dive and drops him on the barricade. He kicks at Cassidy’s face and hits somes punches before getting into the ring. Bandido hits a running shoulder tackle in the corner before an enzuigiri. He puts on a stretch mufler on Cassidy and puts on pressure by holding his hands also. Cassidy drags to the ropes to break the move. A dropkick from Bandido sends Cassidy to the floor. He hits a suicide dive to take us to a break.

Bandido has Cassidy in air in a suplex position. Cassidy counters it with a jawbreaker. Bandido comes back with a suplex. Both men are down in the ring now. Bandido hits a chop and Cassidy answers with a lazy chop. Bandido hits another chop before Cassidy hits more lazy chops. Bandido hits a thrust kick, a pump kick and an uppercut in the corner. Cassidy counters with a big boot before slamming Bandido’s face into the turnbuckle a few times.

Cassidy hits a Michinoku driver after Bandido comes off the ropes. He hits a suicide dive on the floor. Bandido hits him with a gamengiri when he goes to the top rope. Bandido hits a deadlift superplex before a cutter to get a near fall. Cassidy hits back elbows in the corner. Bandido hits another gamengiri on the top rope. Cassidy blocks a X-mark and pushes Bandido back to the mat. Cassidy goes for a crossbody but Bandido catches him and hits a bodyslam. Bandido hits a frog splash to get a near fall.

Cassidy counters with a mouse trap. Bandido counters with mouse trap himself. Cassidy hits Orange punch to counter a pop up powerbomb and quickly follows up with Beach Break to get the pinfall.

Winner – Orange Cassidy

After the match, Cassidy puts his goggles on Bandido.

Adam Cole is interviewed backstage by Renee Paquette and says he will go out to the ring and call out Chris Jericho, and if Jericho does not come out, he will go and find him backstage. Renee turns around after Cole leaves and Cassidy and Bandido are there. Cassidy asks if she is there to interview them. Renee tells them about what Cole just said. Cassidy says, “Oh”, and leaves. Bandido copies him.

Darby Allin and Jungle Boy Jack Perry are backstage with Renee Paquette. Darby says they said things to each other that they should not have. He also adds that he would have been at ringside during his match if he knew MJF would interfere. Darby asks for his support tonight. Jungle Boy agrees that things went too far last week and that they should have been going against each other tonight because he would have beaten Darby.

Dax Harwood vs Jeff Jarrett

They lock up to start the match. Dax pushes Jarrett to the corner because the referee separates them. Jarrett throws him over before going for an arm wringer. Dax takes him down in a headlock takedown but Jarrett quickly counters with a headscissors. Jarrett hits a clothesline befores some armdrags and a body slam. He mocks Dax with his strut. Dax is waiting for him to turn and hits big chops. Jarrett counters with a back elbow and some stomps in the corner. Dax hits a snap suplex and a leg drop to get a two-count. Dax puts Jarrett on the top rope and hits more chops. Jarrett blocks a superplex and drops Dax back to the mat as we cut to commercials.

Some back-and-forth action as we return. Dax hits some quick jabs to get a two-count. He avoids a charge to the corner and then hits a flying headbutt to get a two-count. Dax blocks the Strobe by countering it with a double leg. Dax hits a piledriver to get a near fall. Dax follows Jarrett out of the ring and continues to beat him up with punches and chops. Dax goes to the top as they return to the ring. Jarrett avoids his missile dropkick and catapults Dax into the turnbuckle.

Dax counters a kneebreaker with an inside cradle for a two-count. Dax drops him with a short arm lariat. Sonjay Dutt appears ringside and pulls Dax’s leg. Jarrett covers Dax and Dutt holds his leg from the floor but Dax is able to kick out. Dax chases Dutt on the floor. Dax follows Dutt back into the ring and Jarrett catches him with the Strobe to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett celebrates after the match with Dax’s Tag Team title belt.

Tony Khan is backstage and announces that opening ceremony of Owen Hart Foundation tournament will take place at Double or Nothing. The matches will take place in Canada including Forbidden Door. The final will take place on July 15 in Alberta, Canada.

Wardlow vs Enhancement Talent

Wardlow is out for a match against an enhancement talent with Arn Anderson in his corner. Wardlow starts with a headbutt and a lariat. He starts powerbomb symphony and hits 4 powerbombs to get the pinfall.

Winner – Wardlow

Anderson takes the mic after the match and says Wardlow beating Powerhouse Hobbs was sweet. Anderson praises Wardlow and says he can take AEW on his shoulder and take them into the next millenium, but he has to resort to some unfair tactics if required sometimes. Christian Cage and Luchasaurus come out to interrupt them. Wardlow lays out the title in the middle of the ring. Cage thinks about getting into the ring but returns from the steel steps.

Sammy Guevara is interviewed backstage by Renee about his #1 contenders match later tonight. MJF comes in and kisses him on forehead. Sammy does the same before they hug. MJF says people are complaining that he manipulated Tony Khan into this 4 pillars tournament to avoid a fatal 4-way. Sammy says they are also complaining over Sammy cutting a deal with MJF. They both say together that they don’t care. Sammy gives MJF a replica of his jacket while MJF hands Sammy a mufler. They hug to close the segment.

Darby Allin vs Sammy Guevara – #1 Contender 4 Pillars Tournament Final for AEW World Championship

MJF is there at the commentary during the match. Darby starts with a side headlock takeover. Sammy gets back to his feet but Darby takes him into a headlock once again. Sammy gets back to his feet and dodges Darby a few times and hits a dropkick. Darby takes Sammy down once again in a headlock. Darby puts on a sharpshooter. Sammy gets to the ropes to break the submission. He takes Darby to the floor and sends Darby into the barricade.

Sammy goes for a suplex from the apron. Darby blocks it and works against Sammy on the ropes. Sammy holds onto the ropes and holds the referee. He hits a low blow behind the referee’s back and then follows up with a moonsault. Sammy poses on the floor to take us to a break.

Darby blocks a suples as we return. He goes for a suicide dive but Sammy counters with a cutter. Sammy brings out a table and sets it up on the floor. Darby drives Sammy into the barrciade and follows up with some chops. He sets up Sammy on the table and goes to the top rope. Tay Melo comes out and distracts Darby. Sammy gets to the top rope and hits a Spanish fly to get a near fall. Sammy sets up Darby on the table and hits a senton to put Darby through the table.

Sammy gets back to the ring and the referee starts a countdown. Darby beats the countdown. MJF gets up from commentary and gets to ringside. Darby hits a corner splash and gets to the top. Tay Melo distracts the referee. MJF picks up Darby’s skateboard and throws it to him. Sammy acts like he is hit with the skateboard when the referee turns to him. The referee calls of a DQ.

Winner – Sammy Guevara

After the match, MJF and Sammy beat up Darby. Jungle Boy runs out to make the save. MJF and Sammy run to the ramp and celebrate as the graphics shows Double or Nothing world title match between them. Tony Schiavone gets on the mic and announces a tag team match next week – Darby & Jungle Boy vs Sammy & MJF. If DQ and Jungle Boy win, they will be added to World Title match at Double or Nothing.

After the break, Renee tries to talk to MJF and Sammy. MJF skips past he rand says Tony Khan is trying to play games since he got the belt. MJF gets to his car but he stops Sammy when he tries to enter and says it is full, when it actually is not. MJF leaves in his car. Sammy has a smirk on his face and is definitely not happy with this.

Adam Cole comes out to the ring and calls out Chris Jericho. Jericho appears on the screen and says he is not coming face-to-face with someone who could not do anything while his partner was beaten up. Jericho says his team will take care of Cole. Jake Hager, Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker attack Cole. Orange Cassidy and Bandido run out but the numbers are still against him and JAS takes over control easily. Roderick Strong runs out to help them out. He drops everyone of JAS in the ring. Cole and Strong hug in the ring after JAS clears.

We cut to QTV segment. QT says it is a rough couple of weeks for them. Powerhouse Hobbs barges in and holds QT against the wall, saying that everything was going good when he was following his book. QT asks him to calm down and explains that it is a conspiracy by Lucha Bros and others. He promises that he will be a champion again. Hobbs tells him to get it fixed and leaves the room. QT tells his crew that it is time to move to plan B.

Jade Cargill(c) vs Taya Valkyrie – TBS Women’s Championship

They lock up and get to a stalemate. Taya hits a clothesline before a single leg takedown into some ground and pound. Taya goes for Road to Valhalla but the referee stops her. Jade rakes her eyes and hits some punches. Taya sends her to the ropes. Jade tries to bounce back off the ropes but Taya kicks her down to the floor. Taya gets to the apron where Jade trips her into a split. Jade whips her into the barricade and hits a splash to take us to a break.

Taya hits a bulldog as we return. She avoids a pump kick before landing more punches and a slam to the mat. Jade gets her legs up in the corner and gets her to the top. Jade hits a superplex. She hits a Canadian Destroyer next to get a near fall. Taya blocks the Jaded before hitting an armdrag and a double stomp. Taya goes for the Jaded again but the referee blocks her again. Taya lets it go and Jade slips out to roll her up to get the pinfall.

Winner – Jade Cargill

After the match, Taya attacks Mark Sterling and Leila Gray before Jade Cargill escapes the ring. Taya gets frustrated and goes for Road to Valhalla on the referee. Other referees run out to stop her.

We cut backstage to a promo from Britt Baker and AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter. Hayter has a sling on her arm. They say they are nice human being unless forced not to be. They also says this will only get over when they are in their graves.

Kenny Omega & Konosuke Takeshita vs The Butcher & The Blade

Bryan Danielson is on commentary. Blade starts with some shots in the corner. Takeshita fires back with punches and chops. He runs over Takeshita and tags in Omega for some double team. Omega hits a rolling death valley driver before a moonsault. Takeshita hits a leg drop off the top. Omega sends The Blade to the floor with a hurricanrana. Kip Sabian picks Omega’s leg to stop his tope suicida. Omega gets to the floor to deal with him but Butcher runs over Omega. Sabian hits a moonsault on Omega to take us to a break.

Omega jumps off the top to hit a crossbody on Blade. Takeshita gets the hot tag against Butcher to hit him with a crossbody. Takeshita with more quick moves before hitting running boots in the corner. Butcher blocks a suplex before hitting some back elbows. Takeshita hits a sheer drop brainbuster to get a two-count. Butcher blocks a knee strike from Takeshita and hits a backbreaker when The Blade comes in. Omega breaks the pinfall.

Takeshita hits a hurricanrana on Butcher to block a double team. Omega pulls Blade out and hits a knee strike on Butcher. Takeshita hits a blue thunderbomb on Butcher but Blade breaks the pin. Omega hits a snap dragon suplex on Blade and follows up with a suicide dive. Takeshita hits running knee on Butcher to get the pinfall.

Winner – Konosuke Takeshita & Kenny Omega

Bryan Danielson gets on the mic and says there was only one pro wrestler in the ring and it was the one who got the pinfall. Danielson says if Takeshita trains with BCC, he can be world class. But if he trains with The Elite, he will be just like Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa. BCC attacks Takeshita and Omega from behind.

The Young Bucks run out to make the save. The Elite have Moxley in the ring. The Bucks hold him while Omega gets the screwdriver. Takeshita comes in between Omega and Moxley to stop Omega from using the screwdriver. BCC take advantage and pull out the Elite to the floor to beat them up. They ask Takeshita to join BCC. Takeshita disagrees. BCC attack Takeshita, and Moxley hits him with the screwdriver.

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