WWE 24/7 Championship Changes Hands at Doctor’s Clinic

WWE 24/7 Championship changed hands at RAW this week when Maria Kanellis went to the doctor’s clinic for her OB/GYN appointment.

Maria Kanellis 247 Champion RAW 29 July 2019
Maria Kanellis becomes 24/7 Champion on RAW 29 July 2019

Maria Kanellis won the 24/7 Championship last week after forcing her husband Mike to lie down and get pinned by her. She went on to brandish the title and the fact that she is the first-ever pregnant champion while also letting everyone know that she will be at her OB/GYN appointment over the week.

Obviously, the Interner Community went on to guess the ways in which either of R-Truth or Drake Maverick would try to win the title back from a pregnant woman. However, it was her husband Mike itself who took the title away from her.

The OB/GYN appointment came earlier on Monday where Maria was again seen brandishing her title while also ridiculing her husband and asking him to be on the lookout to save her and the 24/7 title. As they moved into Doctor’s Chamber, Mike went on to give her a kiss and cover her gently while a referee in the Doctor’s coat made the count.

But once again, Mike could keep hold of the title for much longer. As he ran out of the chamber, R-Truth and Carmella were waiting for them. Truth distracted Mike and rolled him over to win the title, and ran away.

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