Highlights: Prochazka Beats Teixeira, Became New Champion

Jiří Procházka ufc 275
credit: UFC

Jiri Prochazka submitted Glover Teixeira in the final few seconds of Round 5 in the UFC 275 main event to become the new UFC Light Heavyweight champion. 

Prochazka and Teixeira went through a five-round war in the main event and pushed each other to their limits. It was a bloody-brutal war that featured back-and-forth action from both sides. 

Glover Teixeira started off the match with a head and body combo. He also managed to take down Jiri during the first round but the latter pounded him with punches to close it off. The second round started with aggressive shots from both fighters. Prochazka did some good work in it but by the end, Teixeira took complete control of him. If it wasn’t for the round bell, then the match would’ve ended then and there. 

By the third round, both men were busted open. Jiri Prochazka rebounded from the second round and dominated the third one. However, by its end, Teixeira managed to nail down some shots of his own. The last two rounds featured some intense action. Glover started the last round with some massive shots but soon Jiri managed to take him down. He stood up and connected some combos. 

Teixeira seemed to be in control of the last round until Prochazka put on a rear-naked choke and made him submit with only 30 seconds left in the bout. 

Below you can see the video highlights of the main event of UFC 275 that crowned the new UFC Light Heavyweight champion. 

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