Daniel Cormier Confessed Using Towel Trick at UFC Hall of Fame

Daniel Cormier is now an official part of the Modern Wing of the UFC Hall of Fame. During the induction speech, Cormier shocked everyone with a confession. 

Daniel Cormier admitted that he used the “towel trick” to make weight at UFC 210 before facing Anthony Johnson for the UFC title. 

Cormier recorded 206.6 pounds in his first attempt which was off the limit by 1.2 pounds. However, after a few minutes, Cormier stepped on the scale again and this time he weighed 205 pounds. This incident became popular as the “Towelgate.”

Daniel Cormier finally explained what exactly happened as a part of his speech. He revealed that he tried to give up, and the team even called his wife to try and get him back to the tub in order to get a bath. 

His nutritionist Dan Lieth reminded him of a few old tricks. Initially, Cormier thought Leith was talking about the one where he would have to lift him up. But then, Leith told him that he was talking about the towel one. 

He used the towel trick and it actually worked. After that, Cormier apologized to Anthony Johnson by saying, “Rumble, I’m sorry my guy” with a smile on his face.

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