WBC to Remove Monthly Ratings of Russia & Belarus Boxers

WBC 60th Annual Convention
Credits: WBC

WBC is backing up its words and will not continue to sanction any fights in Russia or Belarus. 

To further this ruling, WBC made a decision that it will remove the monthly ratings of all the boxers from Russia and Belarus who represent their nation proudly.

The decision was announced by the sanctioning body on Tuesday in Mexico. This decision was taken considering the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. 

Mauricio Sulaiman, WBC President addressed the participants of the convention and stated that WBC Board reviewed a specific situation, and has reached a determination after analyzing the situation. 

He further announced that all the fighters from Russia and Belarus are being removed from the WBC rankings. Sulaiman also added that no citizen from both of these countries will be able to challenge for the WBC Championship. 

However, the citizens of these two countries permanently residing in any other country, who publicly reject Russia’s actions will have the right to petition the WBC to consider them. 

WBC ruling is effective immediately and will remain until Ukraine will be able to continue boxing normally. 

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