Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron Weigh-In Results, Live Video

Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron successfully made weight successfully for their undisputed women’s super lightweight championship.

Katie Taylor came in at 139.7 lbs in her super lightweight debut while Cameron also weighed in at the same weight to make their bout official. The co-main event fighters Gary Cully and Jose Felix came in at 137.5 lbs. Terri Harper and Cecilia Braekhus weighed in successfully at 150.8 lbs and 153.3 lbs respectively.

Check the complete list below for the weigh-in results from Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron will be available below with live streaming video embedded at the top of the page.


  • Chantelle Cameron(139.7 lbs) vs Katie Taylor(139.7 lbs)
  • Gary Cully(137.25 lbs) vs Jose Felix(137.25 lbs)
  • Terri Harper(150.8 lbs) vs Cecilia Braekhus(153.3 lbs)
  • Dennis Hogan(153.3 lbs) vs James Metcalf(153.75 lbs)
  • Caoimhin Agyarko(159.8 lbs) vs Grant Dennis(159.3 lbs)
  • Thomas Carty(258.6 lbs) vs Jay McFarlane(283.7 lbs)
  • Paddy Donovan(148.5 lbs) vs Sam O’Maison(149.3 lbs)
  • Maisey Rose Courtney(112.1 lbs) vs Kate Radomska(109.7 lbs)