Jake Paul Next Fight: vs Andre August, December 15, 2023

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is announced to fight next on December 15, 2023, against Andre August. The fight will take place in Orlando, FL.

August is 10-1 in his boxing career so far, but this will be his first big-ticket fight. The bout will be contested at cruiserweight(200 lbs) and will be of eight rounds.

Who is Andre August?

August is based out of Houston and is currently on a 5-fights winning streak. This will be his first eight-round boxing bout. He returned to the boxing ring earlier this year in August to beat Brandon Martin. This was his first boxing bout since 2019.

Paul’s critics so far have pointed out how Paul has not fought many experienced fighters in his career and has relied on retired MMA names for PPV figures.

And since he is not fighting a marquee fighter, this will be the first time in his career that Jake Paul will not fight on a PPV card. The event will be available on Dazn streaming free for its subscribers.

Record & Recent Form

Paul is currently standing at the record of 7-1 in boxing. His first two fights came against he has faced YouTuber AnEsonGib and basketball player Nate Robinson, respectively. After that, he mostly faced MMA fighters turned boxers like Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz, where he came out on the winning side. His only loss has come against a boxer in Tommy Fury.

MMA Aspirations

Jake Paul has also signed a contract with PFL to take part in MMA fights. He is expected to take part in his first MMA fight in early 2024. Paul has called out Nate Diaz multiple times for a fight in MMA Octagon after he beat him in the boxing ring. But, it remains to be seen if they fight.

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