Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Card, Tickets, Venue, Date, Time

Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva
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Jake Paul will take part in his sixth professional boxing bout as he faces Anderson Silva on a Showtime PPV. The event will take place on October 29, 2022, at Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ.

This is considered Jake Paul’s toughest boxing bout yet. He has previously faced celebrity boxers like Nate Robinson and AnEsonGib, or lesser experienced MMA Fighters so far like Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. Anderson Silva, on the other hand, has won two bouts last year as he defeated Julio César Chávez Jr. and Tito Ortiz.

Paul was earlier supposed to face Tommy Fury in August, but some visa issues for Fury lead to that fight getting canceled. Fury was replaced with Hashim Rahman Jr. However, that bout was also canceled due to weight issues with Rahman. Will he be able to get past Silva and prove himself as a serious boxer?

Check below for more details for Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva with a complete fight card, date, location, tickets, news and updates, and more details.

Event Info

  • Event: Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva
  • Date: October 29, 2022
  • Location: Gila River Arena, Glendale, AZ, US
  • Main Card Start Time– 9:00 PM EST


The tickets for Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva event in Glendale, AZ, are available at the below link.

Fight Card

Main Card

  • Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva – 187 lbs Catchweight bout
  • Ashton Sylve vs Braulio Rodriguez – 8 rounds Super Featherweight bout
  • Alexandro Santiago vs Antonio Nieves – 10 rounds Bantamweight bout
  • Le’Veon Bell vs Uriah Hall – 4 rounds, 195 lbs Cruiserweight bout
  • Chris Avila vs Doctor Mike(Michael Varshavski) – 4 rounds Cruiserweight bout

Prelims Card

  • Jeremiah Milton vs Quintin Sumpter – 6 rounds Heavyweight bout
  • Shadasia Green vs Ogleidis Suarez – 8 rounds Super Middleweight bout
  • Danny Barrios vs Edgar Ortiz Jr. – 6 rounds Super Bantamweight bout
  • Adrian Rodriguez vs Dominique Griffin – 6 rounds Super Bantamweight bout
  • Eliezer Silva vs Anthony Hannah – 4 rounds Super Welterweight bout

News & Updates

October 27, 2022: Jake Paul proposed a bet on his fight against Anderson Silva. The bet is:

  • If Silva wins, Paul will fight him in a Kickboxing bout
  • If Paul wins, Silva will join him in a Fighters Union to work for better fighter pay and healthcare

October 25, 2022: Anderson Silva tried to dispel the belief that Jake Paul is not a good boxer.

“There’s a lot of people who are saying Jake is no good, he’s not as good a striker. But to me the fight is a fight and I’m training hard to win this fight. I’m not looking at this as an easy fight for me. Every single fight is dangerous once you step through the ropes.”

Anderson Silva on Jake Paul’s Boxing Abilities, ht – BoxingScene

October 24, 2022: Paul vs Silva became the highest-grossing boxing event at Gila River/Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, AZ. It also became the second highest-grossing event at the arena after UFC 263.

October 24, 2022: UFC Legend Goerge St-Pierre was announced as the official co-host of the event.

October 19, 2022: Dr. Mike(Mike Varshavski) appeared for media workout in New York to promote the event. He also shared some pics from the workout on his Instagram.

October 16, 2022: Anderson Silva told TMZ that he is not going to retire after his fight against Jake Paul.

“No, no, definitely not. I don’t know when I’m gonna stop. I know one day I will stop. But not now.”I try to challenge myself every day, and especially right now my kid started fighting, and I help my kid.”

Anderson Silva on whether he will retire after fight against Jake Paul, ht – TMZ Sports

October 15, 2022: Oscar De La Hoya predicted Jake Paul to beat Anderson Silva.

“That’s a good fight. I am gonna go with Jake Paul. Yeah, I’m gonna go with Jake Paul just because he seems like he’s getting into the rhythm of things.”

Oscar De La Hoya’s prediction on Paul vs Silva, ht – MMA news

October 14, 2022: Anderson Silva said that he is going into the fight in his mind that his opponent is the best boxer.

“He’s fast, he has a hard punch. He has good power, but in my mind, I’m training to fight the best boxer and that’s my mind training. You gonna fight with the best guy, you don’t fight with the young YouTuber. You’re gonna fight with the best boxer.”

Anderson Silva on his fight against Jake Paul, ht – Essentially Sports

October 13, 2022: The PPV price for Silva vs Paul event is revealed to be $59.99. More details here.

October 13, 2022: Both Uriah Hall and Le’Veon Bell said that they want to fight Jake Paul next during an online press confernce.

October 11, 2022: Jake Paul’s former opponent Tyron Woodley said on The Fighter vs The Writer that people should not underestimate his knockout power.

“He’s got KO power and he’s learned to throw that particular punch that he’s got timing on.”

Tyron Woodley on Paul vs Silva, ht – MMA Fighting

October 8, 2022: Anderson Silva said on Full Send Podcast that he would be interested in an exhibition kickboxing fight against Jake Paul after this boxing fight.

“I will go and talk to Jake and let’s go and do one more fight but let’s make it an exhibition. But let’s do it in kickboxing, you can kick me and I can kick you but I promise I won’t kick you hard.”

Anderson Silva on exhibition fight against Jake Paul, ht – Mirror

October 6, 2022: Le’Veon Bell(former NFL star) vs Uriah Hall(MMA) cruiserweight bout was added to the card.

October 6, 2022: Jake Paul believes that this fight against Anderson Silva will lead to bigger fights for him in future.

“This opens the floodgates to a lot of competition, a lot of call outs, a lot bigger fights. It’s exciting.”

Jake Paul on his boxing future, ht – MMA Fighting

October 3, 2022: Jake Paul posted some pictures from his training camp on Instagram and put a caption that we will see a new fighter on October 29.

October 3, 2022: Tito Ortiz predicted that Silva will stop Paul in three rounds.

“I don’t think Jake Paul’s going to make it out of three rounds. I know it’s going to be a great fight because I know Paul puts in a lot of work. Jake Paul thinks him being 47 years old is going to make a difference? He’s gonna be in for a rude awakening. Silva takes this sport very seriously.

Tito Ortiz on Paul vs Silva, ht- Sportskeeda

Sept 20, 2022: Eddie Hearn alluded it’s Jake Paul vs The World in Paul’s attempt to get respect as a boxer.

“I just think that Jake is been a bit unlucky because he was trying to fight Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr., and that would have actually given him the ability to say, ‘Actually, you have to respect me now as a boxer.'”

Eddie Hearb on Paul vs Silva, ht – MMA News

Sept 17, 2022: Jake Paul once again claimed through his Instagram post that he will knockout Anderson Silva.

“Now they are telling me it’s impossible to beat the greatest striker in MMA history. Yet you’re about to watch me do it October 29.”

ht – Jake Paul’s Instagram Post

Sept 14, 2022: Jake Paul said this fight might be Anderson Silva’s biggest payday ever.

“I think this could be the biggest payday of his career. Just because this is like my first big fight with another massive name who brings a ton of business to the table.”

Jake Paul on PPV sales, ht- MMAFighting

Sept 13, 2022: Former UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen said that Dana White’s jibe at Jake Paul might have led to him facing Anderson Silva.

”I’m not sure if we’d be here today if Dana had not publicly made that statement. And I thought maybe Dana is not right about that. Them Pauls man. they will go take a risk. But that statement by Dana is a large part what kicked this whole thing off.”

Chael Sonnen on why Paul vs Silva was finalized, ht- MMAFighting

Sept 12, 2022: In the kick-off press conference in Los Angeles, Jake Paul respectfully said that he will knockout Silva in under five rounds.

“Anderson Silva is the nicest guy in the world and we love him. If my opponent is a d–khead, I’m gonna treat him like a d–khead and beat his f—ing ass, and I think people have seen that side of me. But I respect this man. I’m still gonna knock him out, but respectfully knock him out. It won’t go more than five.”

Jake Paul on knocking out Anderson Silva, ht- MMA Junkie

Sept 12, 2022: In the kick-off press conference in Los Angeles, Anderson Silva said Paul Brothers have potential and they show for the community.

“Everything is possible. Jake and [his] brother are training hard [to become] boxers. [They] try to [show] respect for the community. The kids have good potential and the people need to respect that.”

Anderson Silva on Paul Brothers Boxing Exploits, ht- Boxing Social

Sept 12, 2022: The event was reported to air via Fite TV in UK & Ireland. More details here.

Sept 7, 2022: Tickets are announced to go on sale on September 14. Two kick-off press conferences are announced – Sept 12 in Los Angeles & Sept 13 in Pheonix.

Sept 6, 2022: Most Valuable Promotions announced Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva boxing event.

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