Jake Paul’s Earned 40 Million in 2021, Paul Says Figure is Higher

Jake Paul's entrance with Robot

Jake Paul was one of the highest earners among professional boxers in 2021.

Forbes released the list of Highest Paid Youtube Stars in 2021. Jake Paul came in second after MrBeast, but Paul’s earnings are more due to his boxing exploits than his Social Media channels.

Youngers among the Paul Brothers, Jake returned to the list of Highest Youtube Earners in 2021 for the first time since 2018. Forbes estimated that The Problem Child made around $45 million in 2021. His 2018 income was estimated to be $21.5 million.

Forbes added in their report that Jake actually made around $40 million from his three boxing bouts against former MMA fighters. This means around 90% of his total earnings came from his boxing. In April, Paul faced Ben Askren via first-round TKO on a Triller PPV. He then defeated Tyron Woodley in back-to-back fights on Showtime PPV– first via split decision in August and then via sixth-round KO in December.

Jake Paul reacted to this report via Instagram Story where he said that his annual earning for 2021 is higher than the quoted amount. In the screenshot of the Instagram story below, Paul revealed a phone call with his dad and told him that the reported number is lower than his actual earnings. He did not reveal the actual numbers though.

Jake Paul Earning Instagram Story

Paul also mentioned that Forbes miscalculated his earning in 2018 as well when they reported $21.5 million while the actual number was $17 million.

Paul made $2 million in base salary in each of his bout against Tyron Woodley. The PPV sales number from the first Showtime PPV was around 500,000. The second bout did not sell that much though with Traditional PPV numbers reported to be around 100,000. He made $690,000 in base salary against Ben Askren while PPV numbers were reported to be around 1.5 million.

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