DAZN PPV Picks Floyd Mayweather vs Deji Exhibition Bout

Floyd Mayweather

DAZN has picked Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition bout against the social media star Deji on November 13 for the PPV platform. 

It will be Mayweather’s next sanctioned bout after 2017. He also hasn’t appeared under Showtime’s banner since 2012. 

However, DAZN isn’t working with Floyd Mayweather in a direct manner. The Global Titan, the company in Dubai which is working behind this bout has inked a deal with DAZN. 

Initially, it was revealed Floyd Mayweather will face Deji in an exhibition bout at the Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai on November 13 later this year. 

On June 13, Mayweather competed against Mikuru Asakura in an exhibition bout whereas the previous bout was against Don Moore. 

DAZN is yet to reveal the PPV price for this event, but it will likely be revealed in the next few days. 

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