Artur Beterbiev vs Marcus Browne- Live Results, Play by Play Updates

Beterbiev vs Browne results

Welcome to the live results blog of the Artur Beterbiev vs Marcus Browne boxing event from Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+ on December 17, 2021.

Beterbiev(16-0, 16 KO) will defend IBF and WBC Light Heavyweight Championships in this bout. It will be his second defense of the WBC title while the fifth one for the IBF title. Earlier this year, Beterbiev has maintained his 100% knockout record against Adam Deines with a win in the 10th round.

Marcus Browne is the WBC mandatory challenger. After this undefeated streak was snapped in August 2019, Browne returned to the ring in April with a win over Denis Grachev. But, is he the man to stop Beterbiev’s undefeated and knockout streak?

Join us as we bring the round-by-round and play-by-play updates from Artur Beterbiev vs Marcus Browne and results from the undercard.


  • Artur Beterbiev defeated Marcus Browne via KO in 0:46 of round 9 of to retain WBC & IBF light heavyweight titles.
  • Marie Eve Dicaire defeated Cynthia Lozano via TKO in 1:03 of round 7 of 10 to win the IBF women’s junior middleweight title.
  • Steve Rolls defeated Christopher Brooker via KO in 1:32 in round 9 of 10 in super middleweight bout.
  • Yan Pellerin defeated Francisco Rivas via unanimous decision in 10 rounds cruiserweight bout with 100-90, 100-90 & 100-90.
  • Alan Ayala Crisosto defeated Movladdin Biyarslanov via TKO in 2:40 of round 1 out of 8 in junior welterweight bout.
  • Batyr Jukembayev defeated Juan Jose Martinez via TKO in 1:09 of round 1 out of 6 in middleweight bout.

Beterview vs Browne Live Updates

Round 1: Browne comes out with his jabs. Beterbiev is cautious in committing too much. Browne looking better with his jabbing and movement. He looks for body shots. Beterbiev keeps stalking him. Browne manages to avoid his big shots mostly.

Round 2: More of the same in the second round. Browne lands his jabs. Beterbiev is patient and keeps stalking. Browne manages to dodge big shots from Beterbiev so far. He lands his body shots but there is not much power behind them. Beterbiev struggling to land many clear shots until now.

Round 3: Beterbiev lands a big right 20 seconds into the third round. Beterbiev is getting in the fight now. Browne gets into a clinch with one minute over. Beterbiev stuns him with with a right chop. Beterbiev in control now. He lands another big right as we enter the final minute of the round. A combination forces Browne to the ropes near the end of the round.

Round 4: Browne is throwing his jabs. Beterbiev replies with a right and a left which brings out some aggression from Browne with some punches. It leads to a clash of heads which has cut open Beterbiev on forehead. Browne is also cut open on right eye. The referee has to separate them as as they restart. More aggression from both men as they land big shots all over. They get into a clinch near the final minute. Beterbiev lands a left on the body. Beterbiev in control for the rest of the round.

We are done with round 4. Doctors are checking both men as they have cut open. The commentary team says doctors have given one more round to Beterbiev.

Round 5: Beterbiev forces Browne to the ropes as the round starts. Beterbiev is pouting blood from his gash. Both men land some jabs. Beterbiev misses a swing but lands a follow-up jab. Browne is pinned to the ropes for the most part. He gets into a clinch for the referee to separate them. Beterbiev keeps Browne on the backfoot. He starts to batter Browne with his punches all over in the final 30 seconds.

Round 6: Beterbiev could continue as he did not get any damage. He lands a left hook and creases Browne with more shots. Beterbiev misses a big shot as Browne ducked his punch. Browne lands a few on the body. Beterbiev still keeping him pinned to the ropes. Browne lands a combination on the body. Beterbiev once again tucks him in the corner with 20 seconds left. Beterbiev lands shots on the ropes but Browne stays on his feet as the round ends.

Round 7: Browne lands a left on the ribs. Beterbiev continues to pour blood from his gash. Browne is landing more jabs now. Beterbiev fires at him with combination shots. A right hand from Beterbiev drops Browne to his knees. He gets up on 7. Beterbiev goes for the shots and Browne avoids them with his movement. Beterbiev is pinning punches near the ears. Browne gets in a clinch to stop the batter for a while. Beterbiev continues to batter him with punches as they restart. Browne survives once again.

The only worry so far for Beterbiev is a gash on his forehead.

Round 8: Browne is on the defensive once again but lands some shots on the body. Beterbiev lands a clean right punch. The fight has slowed down once again in this round. Beterbiev still pinning Browne on the ropes though. He keeps looking for that big shot but Browne has managed to survive. Browne fires back with combination shots. Beterbiev lands more jabs as the round ends.

Round 9: Beterbiev lands his shots all over Browne. A hard left uppercut drops Bros to his knees. Browne does not get up after that.

Decision: Artur Beterbiev wins by KO in 0:46 of round 9 to retain WBC and IBF World Light Heavyweight Championship.

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