WWE SmackDown Results July 8, 2022, Live Updates

WWE SmackDown July 8 2022
Image Credits – WWE

Welcome to the live coverage of WWE SmackDown results for the episode of July 8, 2022, which will be the fallout episode from the Money in the Bank event.

No matches are announced for the show until now for this Smackdown episode but WWE has advertised the return of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns after three weeks.

Additionally, Liv Morgan will appear on the blue brand for the first time since winning the Women’s Championship. WWE also teased how Ronda Rousey could respond to losing the title. Also, Maximum Male Models will unveil 2022 Tennis Wear Collection on this show. More build-up towards Summerslam 2022 event is expected.

Tune in as we bring in results from WWE SmackDown July 8, 2022 with live updates, video highlights and more.


  • The Viking Raiders(Ivar & Erik) defeated Jinder Mahal & Shanky in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Ludwig Kaiser in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Ronda Rousey defeated Natalya in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The Usos(Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) defeated Los Lotharios(Humberto & Angel) in a tag team title contender match via pinfall.
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Butch in a singles match via pinfall.

Live Updates

The show opens with a recap of Money in the Bank event where Theory won the MITB briefcase.

Should Roman Fear Brock?

Roman Reigns makes his grand entrance with The Usos and Paul Heyman. Theory also come to the stage and shows off his MITB briefcase. We cut to a break.

Roman is on the mic as we return. Roman tells Heyman that he is healthy and happy and can handle anything. He asks Heyman what is wrong with and him and why he is not confident. He gives Heyman the mic. Heyman is shaking as he says Brock Lesnar does not care about Roman’s achievements at all. He adds that Lesnar is most dangerous and he is backed into a corner. Heyman lists some of Lesnar’s early achievements and points out that Roman will need to smash this Lesnar and keep him down for 10 seconds. Theory comes out again and runs around the ring before leaving.

The Viking Raiders(Erik & Ivar) vs Jinder Mahal & Shanky

Shanky and Ivar start the match but Shanky starts to dance. Mahal tags in to stop his dancing. Ivar pushes Mahal into corner and brings in and Erik. The Vikings double team and manhandle Mahal. Erik puts an armbar on Mahal. Mahal gets to his feet and knocks off Erik with a kick. He goes for the tag but Shanky is dancing on the floor. The Vikings hit Mahal with a double powerbomb to get the pin.

Winner – The Viking Raiders

The New Day come out to the stage and talk about Viking Raiders beating them up last week. They get into the ring to attack but The Vikings deal with them easily. Erik takes out Woods with a knee while Ivar hits a bodyslam from the second turnbuckle.

Michael Cole takes us to the recap of Happy Corbin attacking Pat McAfee after Money in the Bank event went off the air. Corbin is there on the commentary table now and says he will do a better job there than McAfee. Intercontinental Champion Gunther enters with Ludwig Kaiser to take us to a break.

IC Title Open Challenge?

Back from the break, Ludwig Kaiser says this crowd is not worthy of watching the Ring General compete tonight at this arena. He says it is customary for IC champ to give out open challenges. Gunther takes the mic from him and says a title match must be earned.

Shinsuke Nakamura enters. Corbin mimicing McAfee on the commentary table. Nakamura takes the mic and have staredown with Gunther. Gunther says the challenger has to earn the opportunity, so, Nakamura challenges Ludwig Kaiser for a match right away.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ludwig Kaiser

Nakamura with some early attack and hits a sliding German Suplex on the ropes. Nakamura stares down at Gunther on the floor and Kaiser nails him with a dropkick. Nakamura gets to the floor to take us to a break.

After the break, Nakamura hits a single leg dropkick to break Kaiser’s momentum. Nakamura hits knees to the midsection followed by sidekicks to the chest now. A running knee in the corner follows. Nakamura puts on rear-naked choke but Kaiser pushes him to the corner. Kaiser hits a suplex before Nakamura avoids a penalty kick and nails Kaiser with Kinshasa to get the pin.

Winner – Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match, Gunther is livid with Kaiser. He asks Kaiser to get up and hits him with biggest of chops. Kaiser falls to the floor but hulks up to his feet again when Gunther shouts at him. Gunther hits another big chop. Kaiser does not get after that.

Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan comes out to take us to a break.

Natalya & Ronda Interrupts Liv Morgan

Michael Cole is interviewing Liv in the ring after the break. Cole says Ronda might want a rematch for the title, and Morgan replies, “Bring it”. Liv says that this title win is the culmination of all her hardwork, and she is willing to work ten times harder to keep holding the title. Natalya interrupts Liv and tells her that while she was unable to beat Ronda at Money in the Bank, she injured Ronda and Liv capitalized on it.

Natalya says she is the only reason Liv is the champion and she will end her title reign. Ronda Rousey comes out, hobbling a bit to sell her knee injury. Ronda tells Liv about their rematch at Summerslam and says holding onto the title will be a lot harder. Natalya attacks Ronda, but Liv saves her. Liv and Ronda face off breifly. We cut to a break.

Ronda Rousey vs Natalya

Ronda goes after Natalya’s knee and works on it on the ropes. Ronda traps Natalya’s knee in the ropes and hits a big side kick on it. Natalya leaves the ring. Ronda sends her to the ring and attacks knee again. Natalya tries to leave to the ramp and Ronda attacks her knee again. She brings back Natalya to the apron and puts on the ankle lock until the referee’s counts. Back to the ring now, Ronda hits her own version of Jackhammer before putting the ankle lock to get the submission.

Winner – Ronda Rousey

Drew McIntyre gets interviewed backstage and says he does not care who he faces at Clash at the Castle – Roman, Brock or Theory, he is coming after the Universal title.

After the break, Max Dupri’s Maximum Male Models come out and present the 2022 Tennis Wear Collection.

Thoery is interviewed backstage now. He says he is ready to cash in on either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns at Summerslam. He adds that people are looking for someone to knock Roman off his pedestal, and he might just be that man.

Aliyah makes her entrance for a tag team match with Lacey Evans as her partner. Lacey makes her entrance but there is no reaction from crowd. She goes back and comes out again as her music starts again. She goes on a rant about crowd not caring about not caring about her. She says the crowd should give her a standing ovation every time she comes out. The crowd starts booing her and she starts to rant against them more. Lacey says Aliyah doesn’t deserve to be her tag team partner. Lacey goes to leave but Aliyah pulls her back. Lacey nails her with the Woman’s Rights and leaves.

The Usos make their entrance for a championship contender match.

The Usos(Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) vs Los Lotharios(Humberto & Angel)

Humberto and Angel are in control as we return to see the match in progress already. Humberto hits an armdrag on Jimmy. Jey comes in and hits a pop-up Samoan Drop. Angel knocks Jimmy to the floor. Jimmy catches Angel’s dive with a superkick midair. Humberto gets up to the top to fight Jey. Jey drops him back to the floor. He brings in Jimmy to hit 1-D to get the pin.

Winners – The Usos

Kayla Braxton gets into the ring to talk to the Usos. She shows them how Montez Ford’s shoulders were up when they pinned him at Money in the Bank. The Usos rub it off. Kayla reveals that there is going to be a special guest referee in their rematch at Summerslam. The Usos do not care and pose for “We are the One”. They are interrupted by Drew McIntyre’s entrance.

Sheamus enters with Ridge Holland and Butch after the break. Sheamus acts like he has some itching in his throat and says he can’t compete until he gets tested for COVID. He has a contingency plan for the main event and Butch will face McIntyre now.

Drew McIntyre vs Butch

Butch unloads on McIntyre but McIntyre just hits him with a German suplex. Ridge distracts McIntyre and Butch hits a missile dropkick. Butch puts on Kimura lock but McIntyre powers out of it easily. McIntyre hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Holland runs another distraction and gets nailed with a big punch. McIntyre counters Butch’s attack and hits him with a neckbreaker. McIntyre nails Butch with a Claymore kick to get the pin.

Winner – Drew McIntyre

Holland attacks McIntyre after the match but McIntyre drops him also with a Claymore. Sheamus has pulled out Butch and is checking on him. He tries to get into the ring now, but McIntyre has his sword. McIntyre slashes the top rope to fire off some pyro. Sheamus gets back to the ramp to regroup with Holland and Butch.

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