WWE RAW October 24, 2022- Match Card & Preview

WWE RAW October 24 2022
Image Credits – WWE

WWE RAW episode of October 24, 2022, will feature the WWE RAW Women’s Championship match and will continue the buildup to WWE Crown Jewel 2022 PPV event. 

Bianca Belair will defend her Raw Women’s Championship against Bayley in a rematch. The OC are expected to continue their feud with Judgment Day. Seth Rollins will likely respond to the attack by Mustafa Ali. Read below to check the complete preview and match card of WWE RAW October 24, 2022 episode.

Bianca Belair vs Bayley

Last week, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky of the Damage CTRL defeated Bianca Belair and Candice LeRae in a tag-team match. After that, Bayley pointed out that Bianca has not pinned her yet and announced that she would take on Bianca once again next week for the RAW Women’s title.

Belair already defeated Bayley once at WWE Extreme Rules, but it was a ladder match and she won the match by climbing the ladder and pulling the belt down. Bayley, on the other hand, pinned Bianca at Clash at the Castle. Will Bianca be able to pin Bayley to end the argument in their rivalry once and for all? Or will Bayley finally get hold of RAW Women’s Championship once again?

Finn Balor vs Karl Anderson

Dominik Mysterio defeated AJ Styles last week as the rivalry between Judgment Day and The OC continued. In the next step of the rivalry, former stablemates Karl Anderson and Finn Balor will go one-on-one. As both men know each other so well, who will come out on the top?

How Will Seth Rollins Respond to Mustafa Ali’s Attack

Last week, Mustafa Ali saved Riddle from getting another stomp after he lost the match against Rollins. Ali attacked Rollins as the latter insulted him earlier on the same night. Rollins had to run into the crown to avoid more attack from Ali. With a week to think about it, how will Rollins respond to Mustafa’s attack? How will Elias fit in all this?

What More To Expect?

Bobby Lashley took out Brock Lesnar last week by putting him through the announce table. Will he look to continue with the momentum with a quick win over any of the roster members?

Omos vs Braun Strowman match is set for Crown Jewel. What will MVP has to say to Strowman next as he starts his mind games?

Miz attacked Dexter Lumis before their match could take place last week. Johnny Gargano has advised Miz to reveal the truth about why Lumis is targeting him or else he would have to reveal it. Will Miz take Gargano’s advise?

Baron Corbin returned with JBL last week in a new avatar. With whom will his first big feud be?


  1. Would be nice to see Asuka and Alexa finally reappear and come to the defense of the EST tonight after Bayley presumably defeats her and Damage Control gives Bianca yet another beatdown? Will this be the night Asuka and Alexa challenge Bay Flea’s 2 stooges to a championship match at Crown Jewel? Hunter totally sucks with Creative decision making so I’m not holding my breath…


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