WWE RAW 30 December 2019- Live Results & Updates

Lana and Bobby Lashley's Wedding RAW 30 December 2019
Lana and Bobby Lashley to get married on RAW 30 December 2019 episode

Welcome to ITN’s Live Result and Updates blog for the WWE Monday Night RAW episode of 30 December 2019 (12/30/2019).

  • Date- 30 December 2019
  • Location- XL Center, Hartford, CT, US
  • Time- 8 PM EST(31 December 2019 1 AM GMT/6:30 AM IST)

When will Kevin Owens Learn?

He takes us to the replay from last week now Seth Rollins and AOP beatdown Owens, Rey Mysterio, and Samoa Joe. Owens says he will keep calling Rollins and AOP out. He might get beaten up again but he will take down one of those idiots with him sooner or later. Owens also says that their actions have an effect on other guys. He blames the beatdown from Rollins and AOP as the reason Mysterio lost the WWE United States Title to Andrade a few days ago at Madison Square Garden.

Rollins, Akam, and Rezar come out with some pyro. Rollins takes the mic at the ramp and says Owens is still not seeing the big picture. This role is not something he chose, but this is something that was forced upon him by people like Owens who think they know best. Rollins says he will the messiah to take the industry into the next decade. Owens comes out of the ring to take on them. But AOP beats him up and takes him back to the ring. They continue to beat him down in the corner until Samoa Joe’s music hits.

Joe charges towards the ring. Akam and Rezar try to attack him on the ramp but he tails them off. He goes to the ring and brawls with Rollins. He was able to put Rollins in the Coquina clutch. Akam and Rezar come back and saves Rollins. The brawl continues as Kevin Owens brings a chair to the ring. Security comes out to take things under control, but the chaos continues. Everyone moves out of the ring now and KO hits a senton from the top to take them down.

Back from the break, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens are backstage talking about how they will keep bringing the fight. Kayla Braxton appears and informs them that security is on the way to remove them from the arena. Owens is glad to have Joe alongside him in the fight against Rollins and his thugs. The security comes out and Owens issue them a warning. They leave without being touched by security.

Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

They start with some kicks to test each other out. Black pushes Murphy to the corner but Murphy grabs him in a headlock. Buddy knocks him down with a shoulder and hits a hurricanrana to send him out of the ring. Murphy sits in the ring like Black to play some mind games with him. He ducks a kick and rolls Aleister up for a two-count.

Black sits in the ring and dodges a kick. He knocks Murphy down with a back elbow and hits a snap suplex for one-count. They trade body shots and Black hits a kick to the face for two. Black nails Murphy with a kick on the top rope. Buddy counters a superplex and traps Black’s head against the turnbuckle. Murphy trips him onto the ring post as we head to the commercials.

We return to see Murphy being sent into the ring post. Black follows up with a moonsault from the middle turnbuckle. He brings Buddy back into the ring to deliver a series of kicks and a running knee. He hits a springboard moonsault for a close two count. The Juggernaut kicks him out of the ring. Black hits a roundhouse to the face as Murphy tries to pull him into the ring. Buddy dropkicks Black’s head into the turnbuckle but the ref catches him using the ropes for leverage during a pin.

Murphy hits a big dive over the top rope to the floor. He rolls Black back into the ring and climbs to the top to hit a Meteora for a near fall. Buddy is favoring his leg as he heads back to the top rope. Black jumps up with him but Murphy drops him on his face. He hits Black with a big rolling powerbomb for a two count. He drills Black with a superkick but Aleister blocks a knee and takes him down with a kick.

Buddy hits a few of his own before Black puts him down with a brainbuster for another near fall. He lifts Murphy up with his foot but misses Black Mass. Black counters Murphy’s Law and hits Black Mass. He hits it a second time for the pin.

Winner- Aleister Black

Seth Rollins is backstage with AOP. Rollins tells them that management has just asked them to leave, no one is kicking them out. He says WWE is trying to close the year without their messiah but the show will be canceled before the next match, they won’t last. Security shows up but Rollins says they aren’t leaving voluntarily. Rollins tells AOP to clear the way and he follows as they leave without incident.

Erick Rowan confronts Lana backstage and tells her that he is upset about not receiving the invitation. He says he doesn’t care anyway before yelling at Lana some more.

Erick Rowan vs Jobber

Erick Rowan makes his way to the ring. As the bell rings, the jobber moves out of the ring. The referee starts counting him out. Rowan charges him out of the ring and the jobber runs under the ring. He comes out of the other side and makes sure that he does not do anything to the cage. Rowan is just behind him and runs him down with a big boot. He takes him into the ring and slams him down. He hits a crossbody splash and the Iron Claw slam to get the win.

Winner- Erick Rowan

Backstage, we see Lana applying her make up as she gets ready for the wedding.

Charlotte Flair comes out and announces herself for the Women’s Royal Rumble match. She goes on to brag about her being a 10-time Champion and says both herself and the fans are tired of hearing her brag about all these. She wants to show us why she is the Queen and throws out an open challenge. Natalya answers the call.

Charlotte Flair vs Natalya

Natalya takes down Flair in a headlock to start. They trade holds for some time. Flair mocks Natalya with Ric Flair’s walk. They continue to go back and forth until Flair hits a shoulder tackle from the apron. Natalya hits a kick on the back of the neck but Flair comes back with a clothesline. Natalya keeps up with the aggression to hit a clothesline of her own. She slams Flair’s face into the mat. She puts Flair in the cloverleaf but could not keep the hold for long. Flair takes the control back and starts working on Natalya’s right leg.

Natalya turns things around quickly and slams Flair’s face into the steel steps. She also hits a suplex on Flair on the ramp and then another on in the ring. She trash-talks Flair as she continues to rain down punches. Natalya charges in the corner but Flair gets out of the way. Flair puts her in the Boston Crab using the turnbuckle. The referee starts counting and Flair releases the hold.

Natalya goes to the floor and the referee starts to count down. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth runs out and many others are chasing him. All of them are circling the ring. Erick Young tries to cut the line through the ring. But a frustrated Flair levels him with a big boot.

Natalya resists the superplex but Flair manages to take her down. Flair punches her around until Natalya counters with a powerbomb to get a near fall. Flair hits a big boot and a German suplex to get two-count of her own. Nattie slams Flair’s face and goes for the Sharpshooter. Flair counters and hits the Natural Selection for another near fall. Flair goes for moonsault but had to turn it into figure four, which is quickly turned into a roll-up by Nattie for two-count. She finally locks in figure four and forces Natalya to submit.

Winner- Charlotte Flair

Charly Caruso is backstage with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Becky confirms that the match against Asuka will be at Royal Rumble 2020. Caruso asks how she got the match and Becky replies that WWE has to agree since her contract is coming up and she wouldn’t even discuss a new contract until she gets the match. Money and status aren’t important if this is on top of the world she doesn’t want it. She became the face of the business but now she needs to know that it was worth it. She wants to know if she can beat Asuka.

Another video, hyping the new avatar for Liv Morgan!

The OC vs The Street Profits

The OC- AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows, come out and cut a promo about injuring Randy Orton, winning the best tag team in the World trophy and being the only team to defeat the Viking Raiders twice. The Street Profit music hits as they come out.

They talk among themselves and mock the OC in their style about being the best tag team in the world. They ask then what does that makes them as they defeated the OC on their RAW debut. AJ says they were just lucky. The Street Profits mock their name and Gallows ends up challenging them for a match right away.

The bell rings as Anderson and Dawkins start. Ford is tagged in quickly and takes down Anderson with a couple of arm-drags. He puts Anderson in an arm stretch, before a dropkick. Dawkins is tagged back to hit a double ax handle. He continues to run down Anderson with a few tackles until Styles grabs his leg near the rope. The referee gets the wind of what just happened and boots Styles from the ringside.

Anderson is in control over Ford after the break. He hits a backbreaker before tagging in Gallows. Gallows with a delayed vertical suplex before raining down elbows on Ford. Ford hits a few elbows in the ribs but Gallows levels him with a big boot. He is put in the headlock now. Ford tries to fight out. Gallows decks Dawkins off the apron and Ford gets the chance to hit the enziguiri. Anderson gets the tag. Ford dodges him and tags in Dawkins.

Dawkins comes in and hits a quick series of moves against both opponents. He hits some splashes in the corner and slams down Anderson. Gallows tries to provide a distraction but which helps Anderson to hit a spinebuster on Dawkins for a two-count. Anderson and Gallows hit a double team neckbreaker for a near fall. They set up for The Magic Killer but Ford makes the save with a dropkick and enziguiri. Dawkins hits a spinebuster on Anderson now and Ford hits a frog splash from the top to get the pin and the win.

Winner- The Street Profits

The commentary tells us that this was the #1 contender match for the RAW Tag Team Championship title shot.

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins vs Drew McIntyre- 2 on 1 Handicapped Match

Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins make their way to the ring for the handicapped match against Drew McIntyre. McIntyre makes his way out and cuts a promo saying that he is not at a disadvantage in the handicapped match. He does a quick poll with the crowd about who should be worried about the match-him or Ryder and Hawkins. The crowd is obviously with Drew.

Ryder and Hawkins attack McIntyre before he hits the ring. Drew rams Ryder into the barrier at the ringside. He charges Hawkins and lays him out with a clothesline. Drew drills Hawkins with the Claymore Kick before hitting Ryder with a Future Shock DDT. He drags Ryder on top of Hawkins and stands above them as the referee counts for the pin.

Winner- Drew McIntyre

Andrade vs Rey Mysterio rematch for the WWE United States Championship is announced for next week.

Randy Orton Addresses His Injury

Randy Orton comes out using crutches as he was injured at WWE Live Event yesterday. A WWE crew member helps Orton get onto the apron. The fans are behind Orton as he takes his time talking about injuries. He continues with an on and off promo before saying that he heard a pop during his match last night. Randy says he is going to be out of the ring for a very long time and there’s a good chance that he won’t be able to come back. Fans start chanting “no!”. Orton promises that he’s going to make sure somebody gets RKO’ed at WrestleMania.

AJ Styles comes out and the fans boo him. AJ doesn’t like the idea of not getting to fight Orton until WrestleMania. He gets into the ring and taunts Orton. He offers Orton to punch him and he won’t stop him but Orton did not take the shot. AJ says he can be patient and will see Orton at WrestleMania 36 where he will retire him with the Calf Crusher.

AJ kicks one of Orton’s crutches out before looking to leave. Orton takes the support from the rope to stay up. He stops AJ and says the biggest difference between them is that AJ is patient and Orton is not. Orton suddenly drops AJ with a huge RKO. Orton was playing the ruse here and is not hurt actually. The fans are right behind Orton. Orton poses for the crowd as AJ tries to recover on the mat.

We see the footage of Andrade winning the WWE United States Title from Rey Mysterio at last Thursday’s live event in Madison Square Garden. Now, we see the backstage footage of Rey at MSG. Rey says he is not done with either Andrade, Seth Rollins or AOP and promises to stand tall at the end of all this.

Andrade vs Jobber

Andrade charges the jobber as the bell rings. He hits splashes and running knees in the corner. He hits his signature moves and was looking to finish the match with Hammerlock DDT but Vega tells him to comes out. Andrade goes to ringside and exposes the concrete by pulling the mat.

Ricochet comes out to make the save. Ricochet takes the mic and says Andrade did this to Humberto Carrillo and Rey Mysterio but if Andrade wants a fight, fight Ricochet now. Ricochet drops the mic and waits in the ring as we go to the commercial.

Andrade vs Ricochet

We return from the break to start the match. They trade strikes and Ricochet gets a quick one count with a senton from the apron. Andrade hits a dropkick while Vega exposes the concrete at ringside again. Andrade sets up for his finisher but Ricochet counters and sends him out of the ring with a hurricanrana. The action moves out and Andrade pushes Ricochet into the barricade and LED board on the apron. He brings Andrade over to the concrete. Ricochet tries to fight back but gets backdropped onto the concrete.

Andrade is still dominating the match after the break. Ricochet tries to fight back but Andrade hits him with a few chops. Andrade keeps the upper hand for some time. Ricochet comes back with an enziguiri and a dropkick. He hits a standing shooting star press before Andrade hits a spinning elbow for a near fall. Ricochet hits a superkick and a suplex. He climbs to the top turnbuckle but Vega pushes him off when the referee was not watching. Andrade hits the Hammerlock DDT to get the pin.

Winner- Andrade

Lana And Lashley’s Wedding

The stage is set for the wedding. The wedding officiant introduces the groom first as Bobby Lashley comes out. Lashley is wearing a Tux without any shirt underneath. There are a bunch of empty seats on the stage. The commentators say that no one wanted to accept the invitations from Lana and Lashley. The officiant introduces Lana next as she comes out in her wedding dress. We go to break.

After the break and the officiant gives a speech. He mentions kids and Lana interrupts saying she didn’t put that in the script. She doesn’t want a little monster coming out of her, giving her stretch marks and everything else. She tells the man to read-only from the script that she has provided. Fans chant “Rusev Day!” as the officiant continues. Lana berates the crowd.

Lana gets ready for the vows but the crowd keeps chanting for Rusev. Lana says this is the luckiest day of Lashley’s life because he’s marrying the greatest WWE Superstar in history. She takes some shots at the fans as she goes on. She ends her vows and they start making out. The officiant wants Lashley to begin with her vows but Lana is still continuing on the mic.

Lashley thanks Lana for allowing him to marry her in his vows. Lana had to intervene again with “Lana Day” chants as the crowd started the Rusev Day chants again. The officiant is ready to get to the ring now. They exchange the ring amid other interruption from Lana. The officiant asks if there’s anyone who believes these two should not get married.

A man comes walking out and says he objects this wedding. The guy says he is Lana’s first husband and she left him for Rusev. Lana tells the guy to get out of here. Lashley grabs him and chokeslams him into the mat. The guy rolls out to the floor. The officiant asks if anyone else wants to speak out. Another objection, this time from a woman. Lashley looks worried. The woman comes to the apron says she’s Bobby’s first wife. Lana slaps the woman off the apron.

Lana yells at the officiant and tells him to continue. The officiant asks one more time if anyone wants to speak up. A shocker as Liv Morgan comes out next. The show has gone on overrun now. She objects and says the love of her life is right there. Liv says she would not have made it through this year if it weren’t for their love. Lashley says he has never touched this woman in his entire life. Morgan says she is not talking about Lashley as she gets into the ring now. She is talking about Lana.

Fans chant for Liv Morgan as both Liv Morgan and Lana starts crying. Lana slaps Morgan to start the brawl. They roll around the ring brawling. WWE officials are out to break the fight up. Lana yells at the officiant to continue. He was about to announce their wedding but Rusev comes out of the fake cake.

Rusev attacks Lashley and destroys him. Lana starts crying again as Rusev beats Lashley around in the ring. The fans are behind Rusev as he hits the Machka Kick. Liv runs back in and takes Lana down after Rusev puts Lashley down. Rusev and Liv stand tall as the final RAW of 2019 finally goes off the air.

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