WWE NXT Results & Live Updates February 14, 2023

WWE NXT February 14 2023
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Welcome to the Live Results Blog for WWE NXT February 14, 2023 episode as the brand built up towards NXT Stand and Deliver event.

6 matches were announced for the show along with the return of Bron Breakker. NXT Champion Bron Breakker was absent from the show last week after his successful defense against Grayson Waller. Waller himself would face Tyler Bate in a singles match. Bate was miffed at Waller’s disrespect towards Shawn Michaels.

Jacy Jayne turned on Gigi Dolin last week during Bayley’s Ding Dong Hello segment. She went on to reveal what her thought process behind the turn. Hank Walker faced Charlie Dempsey in a singles match. Thea Hail faced Tiffany Stratton while Axiom faces Damon Kemp in another singles match.

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez teamed up with Meiko Satamuro in a tag team match. Wes Lee had put out an open challenge for North American Championship. Check below for all the results from WWE NXT February 14, 2023 episode with live updates, winners and complete action.


  • Tyler Bate defeated Grayson Waller in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Tiffany Stratton defeated Thea Hail in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Axiom defeated Damon Kemp in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Wes Lee defeated Von Wagner in a singles match via pinfall to retain NXT North American Championship.
  • Charlie Dempsey defeated Hank Walker in a singles match via submission.
  • Meiko Satomura & Roxanne Perez defeated Katana Chance & Kayden Carter in a tag team match via pinfall.


Grayson Waller vs Tyler Bate

Waller puts Bate to the corner and nails a big punch. Bate also fires back before Waller is able to bring down Bate with his strikes. Waller continues to taunt Shawn Michaels which enrages Bate. Bate hits punches, chops and kicks before nailing a dropkick to get a two-count.

Waller hits a side suplex and a knee to Bate’s back. He hits an elbow to the back of Bate’s neck and continues to work on him. Bate reverses a whip, hits a hip toss, a dropkick and a standing shooting star to get a two-count. Waller throws Bate to the floor. Bate pulls Waller to the floor and they fight on the floor. Waller manages to drive Bate into the announce table and hits a suicide dive to get a two-count.

Waller is in control as we return from a break. Bate fights off with punches. Waller tries to throw him out but Bate bounces off the ropes to hit a clothesline. He hits a European uppercut by jumping from the second rope. Bate hits an Olympic Slam before swinging Waller around on his shoulder and hitting a Death Valley Driver to get a close two-count.

Waller hits back with a leg lariat. He hits a bulldog next to get a two-count. Waller starts to mock Michaels once again by signalling for Sweet Chin Music. Bate blocks it and nails a superkick. Waller gets his arms to the ropes. Waller rolls up Bate for a two-count. Waller counters a sunset flip and tries to use the ropes but the referee catches him. Waller counters with the roll-up to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tyler Bate

Brooks Jensen is pacing nervously backstage when Josh Briggs walks in. Jensen tells him that he has never kissed before in his life. Briggs tries to motivate him and gives him tips. Fallon Henley also walks in and gives her tips.

We cut to Gorilla Position where Grayson Waller is arguing with Shawn Michaels once again. Matt Bloom takes away Waller.

We get a video from Apollo Crews where he asks Daba Kato why he attacked him and why did he not tell him the reason last week. Crews says Kato has his reason for attacking him, so now, he has his reasons for revenge.

Jacy Jayne Speaks

Jacy Jayne makes her entrance and says last week was the end of Toxic Attraction story and the start of Jacy Jayne story. She has been the talk of the town for the last 7 days, not Roxanne Perez, Bron Breakker or anyone else but she. She says she has seen the footage a 1000-times in the past week but wants to see it once again now. We get a video package recapping Jayne’s turn on Gigi Dolin.

Jayne says everyone should understand that she is the real victim here. Gigi’s days of doing half the work and taking full credits are done now. Now, everyone will see the real Gigi. She tells everyone in crowd and on TV, “Screw You”. Jayne says everyone kept wondering why she is in Toxic Attraction and while that group went on to become the most successful one in WWE’s women history, she is the last one standing.

We cut to backstage where Thea Hail is still shaken up after being kidnapped by Ava Raine last week. Duke Hudson and Andre Chase try to comfort her and say they can get her match pushed to next week. Hail says Schism will win if she does that. She needs to say hi to fear tonight and beat Stratton.

We get a promo video from Sol Ruca where she says she gets up whenever she is put down, and wants a rematch against Zoey Stark.

Thea Hail vs Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany starts with a hammerlock. Hail hits back with armdrags and enzuigiri. Her eyes fall on a group of men in Schism masks. Tiffany take advantage of the distraction by attacking her from behind. Hail drops her again but once again is distracted by a man in the skybox wearing a Schism mask. Tiffany keeps control for a while after attacking Hail on the apron. She hits a springboard leg drop for a two-count.

Hail starts to fight back with quick moves. She sends Tiffany to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Ava Raine reveals her mask in the crowd and Hail is too scared now. Tiffany hits rolling driver on Hail in the ring and hits a split-legged moonsault to get the pinfall.

Winner – Tiffany Stratton

Thea Hail is still scared after watching Ava Raine. Tiffany’s celebration ends the segment.

Javi Bernal goes to Diamond Mine and asks Tatum Paxley to be his Valentine. She replies that she is taken and signals to ask Ivy Nile. Javi asks Nile and she agrees before putting Javi in a lock. After Javi runs away, Paxley and Nile get a message where the person on the other side warns them not to depend on each other much.

Axiom vs Damon Kemp

Axiom rushes Kemp as the bell rings. He hits a dropkick after unloading in the corner. Kemp leaves to the floor and Axiom hits a tope suicida. Kemp hits him with a wheelbarrow suplex when they return to the ring. Kemp hits a more German suplexes before punching Axiom to the floor.

Kemp runs Axiom over on the floor before taking back to the ring to unload with more punches. Axiom fights back with chops and punches. He hits a dropkick and a running kick in the corner. Kemp rolls through when Axiom hits a crossbody. Kemp hits a clothesline and an electric chair suplex to get a near fall.

Axiom lands on his feet on a German suplex. He nails Kemp with an open palm strike and a big kick. Axiom hits a superkick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Axiom

We see the pictures from Brooks Jensen’s social media from his date with Kiana James. Henley and Briggs are watching them backstage. Henley says she can not take this anymore and goes to find Jensen now.

We see Grayson Waller’s video from social media where he ranted about Shawn Michaels kicking him out of the building.

Breakker’s Next Challenge

NXT Champion Bron Breakker makes his entrance to the ring. He says when one door closes, next one opens. But this next challenge feels bigger and Everyone wants to see this match. Jinder Mahal interrupts him along with Indus Sher.

Mahal gets into the ring and says he respectfully interrupts because he admires that Breakker has carried NXT on his back for almost one year. But he knows about the wieght Breakker carries along with the stress that comes with it. As a former WWE Champion, Mahal asks Breakker if he envisioned the title reign to be like this. Breakker replies that obviously, it was.

Mahal says Breakker can say that but there are some fans who have turned on him. Breakker says fans can have their opinion. Jinder says it’s comments like these that he is out here and wants to challenge Breakker here. Breakker accepts the challenge and taunts Jinder about finding a new 3 men band.

Jinder stops Veer and Sanga from attacking Breakker, and says Breakker has made that 3MB reference just to get cheap pops from the fans. But, they will not care about Breakker when Jinder beats him for the title.

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter go to Roxanne Perez and Meiko Satomura and apologize to Roxanne about their uncalled aggression last week. Perez thanks Satomura to coming in for her. Satomura says she has her reasons.

Indi Hartwell talks about Toxic Attraction’s breakup and says Jacy Jayne will shot up to the top just like that. Jacy will remains behind Indi only.

Wes Lee Open Challenge

Wes Lee is out in the ring for his open challenge and is excited to see who answers. Tony D’Angelo and Channeing “Stacks” Lorenzo come out but Dijak attacks Tony from behind. Stacks runs back to help out the Don. Wagner comes in from behind to attack Lee and answers the open challenge.

Lee hits low dropkicks to trip Wagner. Wagner tosses him across the ring and works on him in the corner. Lee nails some punches before Wagner throws him out of the ring. Wagner slams Lee’s face onto the announce table a few times and Mr. Stone begs Wagner to take Lee back to the ring.

Wagner throws Lee back to the ring, fights off his punches and hits a clothesline. Lee fights back with back heel kick and a roundhouse kick. He hits a double stomp, standing moonsault and a dropkick. Wagner blocks a DDT and hits spinebuster.

Lee slips out of a military press and starts hitting superkicks and knee strikes. Lee hits KardiaK kick to get the pinfall.

Winner – Wes Lee

We see Hank Walker showing off his new ring gear, but his shoes are not ready yet. Drew Gulak hands him his shoes to wear.

Charlie Dempsey vs Hank Walker

They start with back-and-forth strikes. They drop each other with big boots at the same time. Walker puts on an armbar quickly. Dempsey gets to the ropes but Walker drags him back to the middle to put on the armbar again. Dempsey breaks free the second time this happens. Dempsey puts on a submission of his own to get the submission.

Winner – Charlie Dempsey

After the match, Dempsey puts on the choke once again and puts Walker to sleep. Gulak does not interfere. Drew stares Dempsey down before clearing the ropes for him to come out. Drew and Dempsey walk out together. Walker is shocked and enraged.

Von Wagner is throwing things backstage when Mr. Stone once again gives him “Let me help me help you” speech.

Ilja Dragunov is giving an interview backstage when he is interrupted by a callout from Trick Williams from the ring. Williams continues to run his mouth as Dragunov makes his way to the ring. Dragunov says Trick Williams is trying to be funny but he is not here to play games. Williams nails him with a punch but Dragunov nails him back with an enzuigiri to send him to the floor.

JD McDonagh comes out and says Dragunov should be in jail to make him blind. McDonagh calls for a rematch and says Dragunov will not be able to pick up his son this time around. Williams drops Dragunov from behind. McDonagh also tries to sneak in but Dragunov recovers by then.

Meiko Satomura & Roxanne Perez vs Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

Perez and Carter start the match. Carter hits a big boot to start a double-team sequence with Chance. Carter puts on an arm wringer. Perez reverses it and tags in Meiko. Meiko hits a sidekick before they trade more kicks. Meiko nails an uppercut. Chance comes in and so does Perez to counter her. Chance and Carter are put to the opposite corners to be nailed with uppercuts. Meiko and Perez send their opponents to the floor and drop them to take us to a break.

Chance is in control over Perez. Carter tags in and Perez rolls her up for a two-count. Perez hits a jawbreaker and tags in Meiko. Meiko drops Chance with her kicks and continues to nail her with more and more. Satomura nails a roundhouse kick before missing an enzuigiri but nails one more roundhouse kick. Meiko hits a Death Valley Driver.

Perez tags in and hits a standing moonsault on Carter. Chance breaks the pin. Perez’s leg sweep is blocked before Carter slams her to the mat. Carter hits a running knee and tags in Chance for leg drop on the ropes for a two-count. Perez comes back with a Russian Leg Sweep. Mieko tags in and Chance hits her with double knees. Meiko fights back again both women. Chance takes out Perez on the floor.

Carter and Chance bring Meiko down from the top to get a two-count. Meiko fights back and throws Chance to the floor. Meiko nails Carter with a Pele kick and tags in Perez. Perez hits Pop-Rox on Carter to get the pinfall.

Winner – Roxanne Perez & Meiko Satomura

After the match, Meiko takes the mic and tells Roxanne she did something for her. Meiko asks Roxanne to do something for her. Meiko wants a shot at the NXT Women’s title. Roxanne says it will be her honor. They face off to close the show.

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