WWE NXT 17 August 2021 Results, Preview, Live Updates, Highlights- Kushida vs Strong, TakeOver Go-Home

WWE NXT 17 August 2021

This is the live blog for the WWE NXT episode of 17 August 2021 – the go-home episode for NXT TakeOver 36, including preview, match card, results, live updates, and highlights from the show.

Date – 17 August 2021
Location –  Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL
Time – 8 PM EST(18 August 2021 12 AM GMT/5:30 AM IST)

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: Kushida is injured and this match is cancelled.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: In another budding rivalry, MSK and Imperium will fight over NXT Tag Team Titles. Fabian Archer and Marcel Barthel want to win the title to accomplice WALTER’s goal of keeping the mat sacred. But Ness Carter and Wes Lee have proved to be tough nuts to be cracked.

NXT Breakout Tournament: Carmelo Hayes vs Duke Hudson is scheduled for the second semifinal. Odyssey Jones has already reached the final.

Face-To-Face: Samoa Joe and NXT Champion Karrion Kross will come face to face just days before their clash at NXT TakeOver 36. Kross has tormented Samoa Joe by kidnapping William Regal. But prior to that, Joe was able to put him to sleep with his Coquina clutch. What kind of mind games will either man play against each other?

InDex First Match: NXT’s onscreen couple Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis will face Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea in a mixed tag team match. This is their first mixed tag match together.

Face-to-Face 2: Dakota Kai and NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez will also come face to face to hype their match at NXT TakeOver 36.

NXT Results & Match Card – 17 August 2021

  • Ilja Dragunov defeated Roderick Strong via pinfall in a singles match.
  • Cameron Grimes defeated Josh Briggs via pinfall in a singles match.
  • InDex(Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis) defeated Jessi Kamea & Robert Stone via submission in a Mixed Tag Team Match.
  • Carmelo Hayes defeated Duke Hudson via pinfall in the 2nd Semifinal of NXT Breakout Tournament
  • MSK(Nes Carter & Wes Lee)(c) vs Imperium(Fabian Archer & Marcel Barthel) via pinfall to retain NXT Tag Team Championship.

NXT Live Updates 17 August 2021

Roderick Strong vs Ilja Dragunov

Malcolm Bivens has the mic as we cut to the arena. Roderick Strong is behind him. Kushida is not medically cleared and would not defend the title. So, Bivens calls for an open challenge. It is answered by Ilja Dragunov.

They start with the feeling out process and keep things sober for the first minutes. Dragunov unloads with big chops and a standing senton. Strong comes out of submission with big elbow and chop. Dragunov reverses the whip to get the upper hand. Dragunov hits a knee drop before Strong cuts off 619. Strong goes to the floor and sends Dragunov face-first into the steel steps and a neckbreaker on the apron to send us to the break.

Dragunov fights off a shoulder stretch as we return. After a tussle, Dragunov hits a trio of German Suplexes but also got busted open on his forehead. Strong comes back with running knee. Dragunov finishes off with a flying headbutt to get the win.

Winner – Ilja Dragunov

Post-match, Dragunov calls out WALTER, but he does not come out.

A prime target vignette for Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly Three Stages of Hell match.

Hit Row is out to the ring and replying to Legado Del Fantasma beating up Isaiah Swerve Scott last week. Santos Escobar appears on screen and asks Scott to come out ot the parking lot alone. Scott goes out and we see all three of Legado Del Fantasma ganging up on him. Other members of HitRow run out to help him out and turn things over. They gang up on Escobar and leave him lying on the floor.

Cameron Grimes vs Josh Briggs

Million Dollar Champion LA Knight is working out in the gym. He talks with Cameron Grimes about getting a new butler after he beats him at TakeOver. He heads over to Josh Brigs and offers him $10000 for a match against Grimes. Briggs agrees. The match is next.

Backstage: WALTER and other IMPERIUM members talk about teaching a lesson to MSK and keep the sports sacred.

Ted Dibiase is on the commentary for the match. LA Knight comes out and sits beside him. Grimes starts with an arm twist. Briggs runs him over with a big boot. Dibiase gives a double or nothing deal to Knight over Grimes. Knight agrees to the deal as we see Grimes getting beaten up. He fights back from a body slam attempt. Grimes with running elbows and hits the running spanish fly. Grimes hits the running knee to get the win.

Winner – Cameron Grimes

Knight decks Ted Dibiase after he mocks him. He hits a diamond cutter to Grimes on the floor.

The Way Family is backstage. Gargano is worried that Austin Theory is still missing. Indi comes out wearing an InDex shirt and tells them she is thinking about taking the relationship to the next level. Some more comedy as Gargano asks Dexter Lumis how he liked Dinner last week.

InDex(Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis) vs Jessi Kamea & Robert Stone – Mixed Tag Team Match

Dexter starts with Robert Stone. Stone circles Lumis and tries to trip him. Lumis stares down and forces Stone to go out. Frankie Monet throws him back in. Lumis starts beating up Stone in the corner. Indi comes in to deal with Kamea. Monet grabs Lumis’ leg and the referee sends her back.

Back from the break, Kamea is in control against Indi. Jessi misses a slingshot senton and Hartwell she kicks Kamea into Stone for a tag. Lumis runs over Stone with strikes, corner lariat and a bulldog. Indi tags back in and Jessi hits her with a slam. Jessi puts on single leg Boston Crab. Indi gets the ropes to force the break but no tag.

Robert goes for a plancha but falls short in another comic moment of the match. Kamea attacks Dexter but to no avail. Indi goes after her, smashes her into the barricade and takes her back to the ring. Indi with a Rock Bottom into Silence and Kamea taps out.

Winner – InDex(Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis)

Post-match, Lumis and Hartwell stare intensely at each other, Indi goes to Beth Phoenix at ringside and gets a little pep talk before returning to the ring. Indi gets on one knee and pulls out a ring to propose. Lumis nods his assent and she puts the ring on him and they smooch!

Diamond Mine is stopped for an interview. Malcolm Bivens says Ilja Dragunov is a heavyweight, so, Strong is still focused on being #1 contender to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai join the show via satellite. Gonzalez says she knew Kai would betray her one day. Dakota says those are big words from Big Mommy Cool. Raquel says she has dominated the division and Kai isn’t taking the title off of her. Dakota calls her delusional and she will become a champion at NXT TakeOver 36. Raquel calls her a sidekick which infuriates Kai as the segment ends.

Carmelo Hayes vs Duke Hudson – NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinal

Some technical wrestling to start with. Duke throws Hayes away. But Hayes uses his speed to keep the attack going. Hayes with springboard lariat for a two-count. Hayes puts on a headlock but Duke lifts him up and suplexes him to the floor.

Hayes hits a jawbreaker and enzuigiri. Duke comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex. Carmelo hits a scissors kick on the apron and a Slingshot DDT. The trade strikes til Hayes hits a facebuster. Hayes counters a press slam with a small package. Hayes hits the Codebreaker and a leg drop to get the pin.

Winner – Carmelo Hayes

Hayes gets an interview on the stage. Odyssey Jones, the other finalist, also comes out to confront him.

Ted DiBiase visits Cameron Grimes in the medical room. Dibiase apologizes but Grimes says he got himself into this mess. He stopped believing in himself but DiBiase believed in him, and he ain’t a butler. He tears the shirt off and says they are gonna be Million Dollar Champions going to the moon!

MSK (Nash Carter & Wes Lee)(c) vs Imperium(Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) – NXT Tag Team Championship

Winner – MSK(retains NXT Tag Titles)

WALTER attacks MSK after the match. Ilja Dragunov runs out for a brawl. Imperium get Dragunov in the ring alone and WALTER chokes him out.

In the final segment of the night, Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross cut promos hyping their match at NXT TakeOver. They ultimately turn to brawl. The show ends with both Joe and Kross flat out over the barricades.