NXT Takeover New York 2019: War Raiders retain Tag Team Titles

War Rider retain NXT Tag Team Title, war rider defeat aliester black & Ricochet
War Rider retain NXT Tag Team Title

The War Raiders retained their NXT Tag Team Championship titles after defeating Aleister Black and Ricochet at NXT Takeover New York 2019 on 5 April 2019.


War Raiders won the NXT Tag team titles after defeating the Undisputed Era at NXT Takeover: Pheonix 2019. Aleister Black and Ricochet won the Dusty Rhodes Classics Tag Team Tournament to become no. 1 contender to face the War Raiders at NXT Takeover: New York 2019.

Match Description

Black and Rowe start the match. Lock up and arm-twist by Black. Counters all the way and it ends with Rowe putting Black to the mat. They start again and Rowe goes for the waist takedown but Black prevents it and ends up with putting his legs over Rowe’s shoulder. They fist bump and tag their partners. Ricochet sends Hanson out with a scissor takedown.

Black and Rowe tag in and Black also sends him out. War Raiders combine to take the upper hand. Rowe slams Hanson on top of both opponents. The champions keep Black isolated by cutting the ring in half with quick tags and double team moves. Black avoids another double team slam and knocks both men down with a kick. Ricochet is tagged in and hits a flurry of moves which ends with a nearfall after a standing shooting star press. Ricochet tries to go for the octopus stretch but had to tag in Black. He hits a forearm and a lariat before putting Rowe in the octopus stretch at the ground. Black then keeps Rowe in his corner and hits some kicks before sweeping him.

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Black unleashes a flurry of kicks to score a near fall. Rowe takes him down with a side body slam and hits a brutal knee to the face. Hanson runs in and backdrops Ricochet into the lights. Black is taken inside the ring by Hanson. He hits the running body splash on both of them many times. He then sends Aleister Black out of the ring. Ricochet then catches him and executes the fallaway slam. Black and Rowe tag in and trades strikes. Black hits a knee strike followed by a German suplex for a close two count.

Ricochet and Hanson tag in again. Hanson avoids a couple of strikes with the cartwheel but Ricochet finally connects the roundhouse kick. Hanson connects his move and goes to the top turnbuckle. Ricochet takes him down but Hanson hits a back handspring elbow at the corner. Rowe is tagged in and takes a shot at Black. Rowe nails a running knee on Ricochet. He picks up Hanson and runs him into Ricochet. They hit an awesome double team combo but Black breaks the pin with a double stomp. Black takes down Henson with a moonsault at ringside. Rowe with a crossbody on Black.

Ricochet with a corkscrew moonsault on Rowe and finally, Henson takes everyone down with a cannonball. The referee counts until 9 as both teams get back into the ring. Black and Rowe end up as the legal men in the ring and Black hits him with Black Mass. Ricochet follows up with the 630 but Hanson breaks up the pin while hitting Black with a Spear into the pin. Ricochet and Black both miss their moves to give the War Raiders the upper hand again. Hanson drills Black with a suicide dive before he and Rowe hit the Fallout for the pin and the win.

Winners- The War Raiders with a pinfall

The War Raiders hug Black and Ricochet who then gets their farewell from the NXT Crowd.

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