Thunder Rosa Retained AEW Women’s Title at Forbidden Door

Thunder Rosa AEW

Thunder Rosa defeated Toni Storm to retain her AEW Women’s World Championship at the AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door PPV event. 

The match started with several back-and-forth reversals between the champion and the challenger. Rosa was hitting chops to Storm but the latter fought back by delivering a kick followed by a snap suplex. 

However, soon Rosa returned to the match by delivering a stunner to Storm. Soon, she double-stomped Toni to get a near-fall. 

Toni gained momentum and she hit Thunder Rosa with a German Suplex on the apron followed by a tornado DDT on the floors. However, it wasn’t enough to put Rosa away. 

In the ending moments of the match, Rosa hits Thunder Driver to Strom but the latter kicked out when Rosa covered her for a pinfall. After giving Storm a face-first to the floor, Rosa hits her with the final Reckoning to get the pinfall and retain her AEW Women’s World championship. 

Thunder Rosa’s final move was a tribute to Dusty Rhodes and the same was addressed by AEW as well. 

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