Seth Rollins Becomes the Sole Survivor at Survivor Series 2021

Credit: WWE

Seth Rollins becomes the sole survivor of the men’s 5-0on-5 traditional Survivor Series match and earns RAW one point at Survivor Series 2021

Kevin Owens and King Woods started off this match. However, Owens decided to walk away and hence got eliminated. The match became 5 on 4 but soon Finn Balor eliminated Happy Corbin to even the odds.

Bobby Lashley later put Woods in the Hurt Lock as the latter fades away and gets eliminated.

The match reignited the feud between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley as both these former World Champions fought all over the arena. Both Drew and Lashley got eliminated at once via countout. 

Later, in the match, Sheamus delivered a brogue kick to Balor in order to eliminate him. Austin Theory surprisingly eliminated the Celtic Warrior by getting pinfall via roll-up. It upsets Sheamus and he attacks both Austin Theory and his own partner Jeff Hardy. 

Jeff Hardy eliminated Austin Theory by hitting him with the Swanton Bomb. Now, the deciding bout was between Hardy and Rollins. The latter eliminated the Charismatic Enigma after hitting him with the stomp to become the sole survivor at Survivor Series 2021.

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