IMPACT Turning Point 2021 Results- Moose vs Edwards Live Blog

IMPACT Turning Point 2021 Results
Credits – IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling will return to live telecast of their IMPACT Plus special with Turning Point 2021 event on November 20, 2021 from Sam Town’s Live. The event has a special start time of 10 PM EST while the pre-show starts at 9:30 PM EST.

IMPACT World Champion Moose will defend the title against Eddie Edwards in Full Metal Mayhem match(street fight/no disqualification match) in the main event. All other IMPACT championships will also be on the line in separate matches apart from several singles matches.

Mickie James defends Knockouts title against Mercedes Martinez. Trey Miguel defends X-Division title in a triple threat match. Knockouts Tag Title holder The IInspiration defend their title against Decay while Good Brothers defends World Tag titles against Bullet Club. Jordynne Grace will defend her Digital Media Championship on the pre-show. The pre-show will also include a tag team match between FinJuice and Decay.

Join us as we prepare to bring you the live results, updates, winners and highlights from IMPACT Turning Point 2021.

Show – IMPACT Turning Point 2021
Date – November 20, 2021
Location – Sam’s Town Live, Las Vegas, NV, US
Time – 10 PM EST(November 21 – 2 AM GMT)
Pre-show from 9:30 PM EST

IMPACT Turning Point 2021 Results

  • FinJuice(Juice Robinson & David Finlay) defeated Rohit Raju & Raj Singh in a tag team match via pinfall(pre-show).
  • Jordynne Grace(c) defeated Chelsea Green via pinfall to retain Digital Media Championship(pre-show).
  • Chris Sabin defeated Ace Austin in a singles match via pinfall.
  • Violent By Design (Eric Young & Doering) defeated Heath & Rhino in a tag team match via pinfall.
  • Rich Swann defeated VSK in a singles match via pinfall.
  • W. Morrisey defeated Matt Cardona in a singles match via pinfall.
  • The IInspiration(Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay)(c) defeated Decay (Havok and Rosemary) via pinfall to retain Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship.
  • Trey Miguel(c) defeated Laredo Kid and Steve Maclin in a triple threat match via pinfall to retain X Division Championship.
  • Mickie James(c) defeated Mercedes Martinez via pinfall to retain IMPACT Knockouts Championship.
  • The Good Brothers(Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) (c) defeated Bullet Club (Chris Bey and El Phantasmo) via pinfall to retain Impact World Tag Team Championship.
  • Moose(c) defeated Eddie Edwards via pinfall in Full Metal Mayhem Match to retain IMPACT World Championship.

Live Updates

The match on pre-show has changed. FinJuice are now facing Rohit Raju and Raj Singh instead of Decay. FinJuice won the match that lasted around 10 minutes.

Jordynne Grace vs Chelsea Green – Digital Media Championship Match

Green goes for a headlock. Grace takes her down with a toss. Quick back and forth action until Green ends up on the apron. She hits a knee to the face and a sunset flip pin attempt. A low dropkick rocks Grace. Grace hits body slams. Green counters on the third one and hits a big forearm. Grace picks her up for a press slam as she goes to the top rope.

Grace unloads in the corner with elbow strikes. She whips Chelsea from corner to corner. Chelsea is sent into the turnbuckle before Grace hits running elbow strikes in the corner. Chelsea avoids a splash to start more back and forth action. Chelsea trips Grace from the second rope and hits a curbstomp for a near fall. Chelsea hits another curbstomp. Grace hits a piledriver for a near fall.

They go to the top. Chelsea hits a headbutt but Grace hits back and goes for a gutbuster. Green counters with a move of her own to get another near fall. Grace drops Chelsea on the ropes and hits Grace Driver for the pin and the win.

Winner – Jordynne Grace

Chris Sabin vs Ace Austin

Austin tosses Sabin after the lock up. He follows it up with a body slam. They both work on the arm and switch control. Sabin hits a hip toss and a few body slams before clotheslining Austin to the floor. A big kick from the apron from Sabin. Sabin hits big chops on the floor. He hits a crossbody as they return to the ring.

Sabin puts on a chinlock before driving Austin’s face to the turnbuckle. Austin reverses a whip and trips Sabin from the ropes with a Russian leg sweep. Austin hits a leg drop. Sabin runs him over with double ax handles. Austin hits a knee to the face for a two-count. He hits a chop and shoulder tackles in the corner. Sabin is put on the top and Austin hits him with Gamengiri to the back of his head. Sabin hits a tornado DDT next. Sabin hits an Enzuguiri, followed by a powerbomb for a near fall.

Ace brings him down and kicks at his back. Both men catch each other with leg lariats. Some quick actions follws and Ace rocks Sabin with an Enziguiri and a pedigree like move for two-count. He hits a leg drop for another two-count. Sabin trips Austin on the top rope and hits a superplex. Sabin hits a dropkick in the tree of Woe. He also attacks Fulton on the floor. Fulton runs a distraction and attacks Sabin. Sabin still hits a driver to get the pin.

Winner – Chris Sabin

Heath & Rhino vs Violent By Design (Eric Young & Doering)

Doering and Rhino start with big blows. Rhino brings Heath in for a forearm to the shoulder blade. Eric Young come but tags out quickly after Heath goes on the offense. Heath unloads on Doering in the corner. Deaner runs a distraction and the referee boots him from the ringside.

Doering runs over Heath with a clothesline. Young stomps on Heath a few times. He boots against Heath’s face. Doering comes back and Heath tries to fight back against him to no avail. Doering hits an elbow drop and a sideslam. Young tags back to hit a splash. He misses dropkick in the corner, but he stops Heath from tagging out. Doering keeps him under control for a while.

Heath fights back and Rhino and Young get the tags. Rhino runs rampant on Young. Rhino hits an overhead suplex and Doering breaks up the pin. Heath runs into the post. Young hits Rhino with his mask and gets the pin.

Winners – Violent by Design

Rich Swann vs VSK(with Zicky Willie)

Swann starts with some quick offense. He hits a penalty kick from the apron before missing a tope on the floor. VSK drives him into the apron. He whips Swann to the corner and poses before dropping Swann with a side suplex. He whips Swann hard from corner to corner. Rich comes back with a back fist before hitting a neck breaker. He hits jumping back kick and a rolling splash for a two-count.

Swann hypes up but VSK sends him on the apron. Zicky pulls Rich down and Rich chases him away. VSK hits a draping piledriver for two. Back to the ring, they exchange strikes. VSK counters a Lethal injection into a back stabber to get a two-count. Swann hits a springboard cutter. Swann hits a splash for a nearfall. He drops VSK and hits a phoenix splash for the pin and the win.

Winners – Rich Swann

Matt Cardona vs W. Morrisey

W backs Matt into the corner and tosses him across the ring before Matt clears the ring and hits a wrecking ball dropkick into a neckbreaker onto the floor before W repeatedly avoids Matt until he catches him and slings him into the steps repeatedly. He waits on Cardona as the referee counts.

Morrisey puts on a vice grip on his shoulder as Cardona returns. Cardona fights back with a missile dropkick and Codebreaker. They exchange strikes now. Morrisey brings Cardona down to his knees. Morrisey misses a splash in the corner. Matt boots him and hits a running knee before sending him out of the ring. Morrisey drives Matt into the steps. He drives Cardona to the ringpost and drops him on the apron with a chokeslam to get a two-count.

Cardona avoids a move before Morrisey pushes him into the referee. Cardona hits Radio of Silence but the referee was down. Moose comes in and hits a spear on Cardona. Morrisey covers Cardona for the pin.

Winner – W. Morrisey

The IInspiration(Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay) (c) vs Decay (Havok and Rosemary) – Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Rosemary rushes Jessie before Decay clear the ring and beat on the tag champs around ringside before booting them down the ramp and tossing Cassie into the ring. Decay double team on Jessie now. Jessie distracts the referee takes a cheap shot on Havok. Cassie puts on a shoulder lock on Havoc. Havoc sends Cassie into the corner. Cassie tags out to Jessie and she stops Havoc from tagging out.

Havoc tags out but the referee does not see it. Havoc drops Cassie to the outside and runs over Jessie with a clothesline. Rosemary tags in and single handely beat up both opponents. She puts on crossface on Jessie and Jessie had to pull her hair to break the move. Cassie tags in and hits a kick to Rosemary. Rosemary drops her with a German suplex. Havoc tags in and holds Cassie in position for a spear from Rosemary. Cassie kicks out of the pin though.

Some back and forth action. Cassie hits a powerbomb on Rosemary on the floor. Havoc drops Cassie from the top and then hits a Samoan drop on Jessie. Jessie slams her into the ringpost and Cassie runs him with a knee strike. Jessie gets the pin.

Winner – The IInspiration

Mickie James vs Mercedes Martinez – IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match

They lock up to start and come to a clean break. They exchange wrist locks and some grappling on the mat. Back and forth action continues. Mercedes hits a buckle bomb before hitting a twisting suplex for a two-count. Martinez hits an air raid crash for a two-count. Mickie fights out of a Razor’s edge. Mercedes hits a German suplex now.

Mercedes drops Mickie with a dragon suplex. She puts Mickie on the top and drops her with a German suplex. Martinez puts on the dragon sleeper. Mickie fights back and hits a big kick. She hits a DDT to get the pin and the win.

Winner – Mickie James

Deonna Purrazo attacks Mickie as the match ends and puts her in an armbar. She takes the mic and tells Mickie that she is getting her rematch at Hard to Kill.

Backstage, Scott D’Moore confirms Mickie vs Deonna for Hard to Kill 2021 PPV. He also announces first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match for Hard to Kill which will find the new #1 contender.

The Good Brothers(Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) (c) vs Bullet Club (Chris Bey and Hikaleo)- Impact World Tag Team Championship

Bey and Anderson start. Anderson hits a shoulder tackle before Bey takes down with headscissors. Hikaleo comes in and sends Anderson to the corner. Gallows and Bey come in. Gallows slams Bey into the corner. Bey escapes the attack to tag in Hikaleo. Hikaleo lands heavy strikes on Gallows. Bey tags back in and Gallows manhandles him. Quick tags between Good Brothers to keep control over Bey. Hikaleo slams Anderson to the ringpost.

Gallows and Hikaleo get hot tag. They slug it out with big strikes. They go to the floor now. Bey and Anderson tag back in. Gallows slams Hikaleo into the ringpost. Bey was looking for a springboard move but Gallows trips him and Anderson gets the pin.

Winner – Good Brothers

Josh Alexander comes out to the ring to address the fans. He cuts a promo talking about being left off of tonight’s card and how he lost the title moments after winning it at Boudn for Glory. Jonah Rock(former WWE’s Bronson Reed) attacks Josh from behind. Jonah hits him with splash off the top rope. Josh is bleeding from the mouth as Jonah leaves.

Moose(c) vs Eddie Edwards – Full Metal Mayhem Match for  IMPACT World Championship Match

The crowd cheers for Edwards as the bell rings. They trade forearm strikes for a long time. They exchage chops in a show of strength. More trading of strikes between them. Edwards hits a snap German suplex but Moose gets up quickly. Edwards hits a back body drop which sends Moose through a table. Edwards hits him with trash can next. Moose hits a him with a metal tray as Edwards charges at him. Edwards recovers and hits a suicide dive.

Edwards throws the metal trays at Moose. Moose hits a powerbomb on the ramp. Moose continues to be in control and as he beats up Edwards on the floor. Moose was looking for a powerbomb on the apron but Edwards fights back with some chops. They exchange strikes on the apron before Edwards hits Death Valley Driver on the apron.

Edwards tosses steel chair and ladder at Moose. Moose kicks at him against a trash can before dropping him on the apron with a powerbomb. He hits another powerbomb through the table. Moose sets up two ladders in the ring. Moose wraps a chair around Edwards’ neck and slams him into the ring post. Moose sets up Edwards on one ladder but misses a chair shot.

Edwards hits with trash can cover. Edwards goes to the top. Moose also climbs from the other side. Edwards slams his head on the top of the ladder and then hits sunset flip powerbomb from the top into the other ladder. Edwards takes some time to go and cover. This gives Moose some time to recover and kick out of the pin. Edwards brings out a steel chain now. He wraps it around his knee and tapes it up. Moose catches him as he goes for the knee party.

Moose hits Urinage. He waits for Edwards to get up and Edwards counters with knee strikes to the face. Edwards hits Tiger Driver. He goes for the knee party but Moose drops him onto the ladder. Edwards hits knee party finally, only for Moose to kick out of the pin. They bring out kendo sticks now and slam each other.

They catch each other with kendo stick at the same time. W Morrisey comes in and starts beating up Edwards. He sets up Edwards for Moose to hit him with a spear. Matt Cardona comes out and pulls the referee out as he was counting for the pin. Morrisey and Cardona start brawling.

Edwards cut the ring cloth with scissors. He exposes the wood underneath the padding. They go back and forth on the exposed part of the ring until Moose hits a low blow and Urinage. Moose finishes off the match with a spear.

Winner – Moose

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