Tony Khan to Reveal Information of Owen Hart Cup on Winter is Coming AEW Dynamite

Credit: Twitter

On Friday, Tony Khan posted a tweet and stated that he would reveal more information on the much-anticipated Owen Hart Cup after the episode of Rampage. 

AEW President kept his word and posted another tweet after Rampage where he revealed that the promotion would reveal more information on the 12/15 Winter is Coming edition of AEW Dynamite. 

Back in October, Tony Khan talked about his connection with the Owen Hart Foundation and what are his expectations from the tournament. 

Tony Khan stated that during the pandemic, he and Chris Jericho built a lot of connections. Jericho developed a great relationship with Dr. Martha Hatt. Chris Jericho also introduced Martha Hart to Tony Khan and suggested that we should do something together in order to honor Owens. 

According to Tony Khan, the Owen Hart Cup would be the Oscars of professional wrestling where the deserving could win the trophy.

Now, everyone is eagerly waiting for December 15, Winter is Coming edition of AEW Dynamite in order to get more details on the Owen Hart Cup. 

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