Riddle vs Priest Among 2 Matches Set for Sept 26 WWE RAW

Credits -WWE

During tonight’s episode of WWE Raw, two huge matches were announced for the September 26 edition of Monday Night Raw. 

The Alpha Academy challenged Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano to a tag-team match next week backstage. Owens accepted the match and reminded Gable that he already defeated him in his hometown and that he would love to do this again in a tag-team match in his home country. 

Kevin Owens faced Austin Theory in a singles match and managed to win the match with an assist from Johnny Gargano.

Meanwhile, it was also announced that Damian Priest will face Matt Riddle in a singles match next week. Riddle cost Rollins the US title match earlier in the night against Lashley. Whereas, Rollins interfered in a tag-team match where Riddle teamed up with Rey Mysterio to take on Judgment Day. 

Riddle failed to win the match, but he gets a chance to take his revenge against Damian Priest next week. Moreover, Riddle also challenged Rollins for a fight pit match at WWE Extreme Rules which he accepted. Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle fight pit match has been official for the PPV event that will take place on October 8. 

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