WWE Power Rankings: 3-9 March 2019

3. Becky Lynch (SmackDown)

“Bruised ribs, bad knee, bad arm… still beat you. See you at Fastlane”, is what Becky wrote on Twitter after she was able to reverse Charlotte’s beatdown on her return to SmackDown. Before that though, she was brutally beaten down from Ronda Rousey which involved several punches, forearms and kicks and 3 armbars. Yet Becky came out the next day and was able to turn the tables on Charlotte. These two will face off at Fastlane with Becky’s place for WrestleMania at stake.

2. Samoa Joe (SmackDown)

It took a little more time than he would have liked but Samoa Joe is a champion now. He answered the open challenge from R Truth for the United States Championship and dominated the Fatal 4-Way match for a major portion before pinning Rey Mysterio to win the match. By all means, he is a champion material and could become one of the greatest US Champs of all time.

1. Ronda Rousey (RAW)

Ronda showed why she is labelled as the the baddest woman on the planet. Her beatdown on Charlotte and Becky was not only brutal but she was unopologetic about it also. After trying to do the right thing for sometime now when she provided respect to the likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley after their championship matches, and vouching for Becky’s inclusion in the WrestleMania match, she not only turned on Becky but also on the fans who have been booing her since Becky won the Royal Rumble. Her brutal takedown takes her to the no. 1 ranking for this week.

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