NXT Takeover: Toronto II 2019 Live Results and Updates

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Second Fall: Street Fight

Before the bell for second fall rings, Gargano hits Cole with some chair shots. Adam Cole realizes that the second fall is the Street Fight and runs out of the ring. Gargano throws Cole with the Chair followed by a Tope Suicida. Gargano hits Cole with the barrier in the crowd. He smashes his face into the barrier again and again. He then dives off the barrier on to Adam Cole. Cole fights back with a punch. Gargano hits him with a Superkick.

Gargano sits Cole down on a chair. He sends Cole into a table. He then climbs on a table and then sends Adam Cole through the barricade with a massive dive. Gargano drags Adam Cole to the top of the broadcast table. Cole rakes the eyes of Gargano and tries to hit him with a Double Underhook Driver. Gargano reverses it and sends Cole onto the other Spanish announce table with a back body drop.

Cole hits a shining wizard out of nowhere followed by a fireman’s carry slam into a chair for a close two count. Gargano sends Cole into a chair like a lawn dart before locking in the Gargano Escape for the submission win. The second fall goes to Johnny Gargano.

Third Fall- Cage Match(with Weapons)

Cole goes for a weapon but Gargano stops him with some strikes. Cole hits a few kicks before Johnny turns him inside out with a clothesline. They each grab a kendo stick and start hitting each other simultaneously. They knock each other out with superkicks at the same time. Gargano sets up some chairs and goes for the ladder. Cole follows him but Gargano hits a beautiful reverse hurricanrana using the ladder for the momentum. He follows it by a superkick on the chair for a two count.

Cole comes at him with a few chair shots. Gargano sets up a table, but Cole hits him twice with the chair. Cole hits a Backstabber with a Kendo Stick. Cole puts Gargano on the top turnbuckle. He tries the Superplex, but Gargano beats him down and uses the fire extinguisher on Cole. He hits a tornado DDT on the chairs but only gets another near fall. Gargano beats down Cole with the Kendo Stick. Gargano climbs to the top and tries to get a Sledge Hammer.

Gargano hits the huge Sunset Flip from the top for another near fall. Gargano brings down the sledgehammer and tries to use it. But Cole hits him with two Superkicks back to back. Cole climbs to the top and throws the ladder at Gargano. He hits the Canadian Destroyer/Panama Sunrise but once again Gargano kicks out. Cole gets to the ladder top. He then looks down at Gargano and hits the Panama Sunrise from the top of the ladder. But once again, Gargano kicks out. This is getting ridiculous.

Cole hits Gargano with several kendo sticks. Cole tries to hit Gargano with a chair. He sets it up and puts Gargano’s head on it. Gargano moves aside, and Cole hits the chair with his leg. Gargano uses the kendo stick as he locks in the GargaNo Escape. Cole had to bite Gargano and get himself free from it. Gargano puts him on the table and climbs to the top of the ladder. Cole rolls off the table and Gargano comes down and hits a Kendo Stick shot.

Gargano hits the Avalanche Canadian Destroyer, but Cole kicks out. Gargano goes to the top and uses bolt cutters to cut the barbed wire off the top of the ring. Cole climbs to the top of the cage on the table. Gargano follows him with the barbed wire. Cole and Gargano strike each other on top of the cage. Both of them fall from the top and lands on the two tables earlier setup by Gargano. Cole rolls over and puts his arms over Gargano. He gets the pin and will retain the NXT Championship.

The Undisputed Era members come out and help Adam Cole to get up. They bring him to the ramp where Cole stands up for a while and holds the title up in the air while Gargano is lying flat inside the ring. That’s the show folks.

NXT Takeover Toronto II 2019: Quick Results

  • The Street Profits(Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) defeated Undisputed Era(Kyle O’ Reilly and Bobby Fish) to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship
  • Io Shirai defeated Candice Le Rae
  • Velveteen Dream defeated Rodrick Strong and Pete Dunne in a Triple Threat Match to retain NXT North American Championship
  • Shayna Baszler defeated Mia Yim to retain the NXT Women’s Championship
  • Adam Cole defeated Johnny Gargano in a 2 out 3 Falls match to retain the NXT Championship Match

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