NXT Spoilers from 19 June to 10 July 2019

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These are the spoilers from 19 June to 10 July episodes. Check the spoilers for 17 July to 7 August 2019 here.

NXT Episode- 19 June 2019

  • Rinku Singh defeated Sean Maluta in your opening dark match.
  • Undisputed ERA comes out for a promo segment. Adam Cole says the NXT title is only the first step in making NXT over in their image. They have a new version of the NXT intro video that’s all about them. They say the tag titles and North American title are next, and nobody can touch them, not even Triple H.
  • Velveteen Dream comes out for a riposte, saying that the NXT title would look better on him, next to his North American title, to which Roderick Strong says he’s not worthy of the title he holds. Matt Riddle comes out to lay claim to the North American Championship, pointing out he’s beaten both Cole and Strong. Tyler Breeze also comes out to stake a claim, and a six-man is made for later– Riddle, Velveteen Dream and Breeze vs any three of Undisputed ERA.
  • Damian Priest defeated Raul Mendoza with a spin kick and a crossroads for the win.
  • William Regal announces NXT Breakout Tournament, an 8-man single elimination tournament between the talent that hasn’t been on TV. The winner will get a title shot of his choosing.
  • Xia Li defeated Taynari Conti with a pinfall after a spin kick.
  • Undisputed ERA (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Roderick Strong) defeated Matt Riddle, Tyler Breeze, and Velveteen Dream. Strong shoves Dream into Breeze and hits End of Heartache for the pin.

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