NXT Result- 30 October 2019: Tag Team Title Matches

Cameron Grimes vs Tyler Bate

Bate fights off Grimes’ double stomp before they trade holds which ends with Bate locking in a Fujiwara Armbar. Bate hits an Armdrag in between the holds. Its all Bate at the moment and he hits a dropkick and an Airplane Spi before sending Grimes to the outside. Grimes recovers and hits a huge slam. After the break, he hits a Moonsault German Suplex for two-count. Grimes manipulates Bate’s arm and gets kicked in return. Bate hits a jumping European Uppercut and a slam.

Bate hits a Running Shooting Star Press for two-count. Bate counters a German Suplex with a Frankensteiner. Grimes fights out of a Tyler Driver. They trade blows and Grimes counters a rebound lariat with a Spanish Fly. Bate hits a rebound lariat anyway and gets a nearfall. Grimes fights out of Tyler Driver once again. Grimes counters a Deadlift German Suplex before Bate sends him to the outside. Bate hits a Koppo Kick and a Tope Con Hiro. Killian Dane distracts Bate. Grimes hits the Carolina Caveman to get the pin.

Winner- Cameron Grimes

After the match, Dane attacks Bate and lays him out with a senton. Dain nails a big cannonball on the outside. He yells in Bate’s face and warns him to tell his friend that they have unfinished business.

Angel Garza gets a hype video, explaining his Lucha Libre heritage. Cathy Kelley reveals that Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler will be the Team Captains for the women’s WarGames match.

Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish vs Matt Riddle & Keith Lee

Reilly and Fish double team Keith Lee to start. Lee hits a double crossbody and Bobby Fish had to retreat to the outside. Riddle takes out Kyle at the ringside and sends Fish back in the ring. Lee hits a huge shoulder tackle. Riddle tags in and chops Fish’s chest. Lee delivers Mongolian Chops to Fish and then to Kyle. Riddle hits Fish with a Jackhammer for a nearfall. Riddle tosses Fish around the ring. Fish and Reilly takes over the control.

Kyle drives his knee in the ribs of Riddle and Fish hits a slingshot senton. Riddle locks in a Rear Naked Chinlock and Reilly fights out. Riddle dodges a double team attack but The UE still take over. Riddle goes for the tag but Lee gets kicked off the apron. Kyle hits a big boot and Fish tags in. Riddle hits a series of mid kicks and a double jumping knees. Undisputed Era hits Chasing The Dragon and Lee have to break up the pin. Lee gets the tag and run riots with a series of huge strikes. He hits a spinebuster but UE takes over as Lee misses a moonsault.

They double with some kicks and Fish manages to drop Lee with a Samoan Drop. Lee gets locked in a Cross Armbreaker but converts it into a powerbomb. Riddle gets the tags and takes the offense to his opponents- Superman Punch, Pele Kick, Exploding Bros and Brotons. Adam Cole and Roderick Strong run out but Lee and Riddle fight them off. Riddle hits an Asai Corkscrew Senton on all of the Undisputed Era. Riddle hits Fish with a Ripcord Knee Strike. Keith Lee drops Strong into Cole. Undisputed Era hits Riddle with Up-Down amid all this and gets the pin.

Winner- Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish

After the match, Undisputed Era continues to attack Lee and Riddle. Ciampa runs out with a crutch and attacks all of the Undisputed Era with his crutch. Ciampa, Riddle and Lee beat up Kyle O’Reilly and throws him onto the Undisputed Era. Ciampa goes to grab the NXT Title but stops and says the title has to wait because Daddy is going to war.

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