Hell in a Cell: Madcap Moss defeated Corbin, Video Highlights

Credit: WWE

Madcap Moss defeated Happy Corbin in a No Holds Barred match after putting a steel chair on Corbin’s neck and hitting it with the steel steps at WWE Hell in a Cell event. 

Moss didn’t waste any time and started attacking Corbin as soon as the bell rang. Soon, they went out of the ring, and Moss tried to use a steel chair. However, Corbin took the chair away but later he threw a chair at Corbin’s face. 

The match was quite brutal and both the fighters used steel chairs, an announce table, and steel steps to hurt their opponent. After a lot of back and forth, Corbin set up a steel step inside the ring to hit the Razor Edge. 

However, Moss caught him and sent Corbin flying into the steel steps. He then hit Corbin with the Punch Line before setting up a steel chair to his neck and slamming it with the steel step to get the pinfall. 

Happy Corbin blamed Moss for his loss at WrestleMania 38 and attacked him. This led to a match between them at WrestleMania Backlash which was won by Madcap Moss. Corbin got furious due to this loss and brutally attacked Moss on the May 13 edition of WWE SmackDown. He even used Moss’ Andre the Giant trophy to attack which caused a cervical contusion.

On the June 3 episode of SmackDown, Moss made his return and clearly stated that he wants revenge against Happy Corbin. WWE Official Adam Pearce booked a match between them. A frustrated Moss attacked Corbin with a steel chair to lose by disqualification. Pearce then booked Macap Moss vs Happy Corbin No Holds Barred Match for Hell in a Cell event.