MJF Confirms AEW & MLW Contract Rumors on Talk is Jericho

MJF, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, has confirmed the rumor surrounding his concurrent contracts with AEW and MLW when he sat with Chris Jericho for his podcast Talk is Jericho.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman MJF AEW contract extension

On MLW Contract Loophole

There is little doubt that MJF is indeed the fastest rising star in professional wrestling. As things seem to be going, he is set to be a big attraction at AEW. He just signed a 5-year extension with but he is also in the middle of a 3-year contract with MLW. Now, MJF has revealed that there is a loophole in his MLW contract that allows him to work with AEW.

“At the time I was signed to Major League Wrestling. I had actually signed a three-year deal with MLW […] in my contract it stated that I could not work for WWE. At no point in the contract did it state anything about AEW because AEW was not even a thing yet. It did not exist.”

MJF also revealed that once they figured out the things with MLW, the management was totally fine with him going to AEW. Probably they realized that while he is appearing for both television shows having MJF around will only bring that much more attention to MLW’s product.

On Choosing AEW over WWE

MJF explained also mentioned that WWE was very much interested in signing him. But he decided to go with AEW once he had a conversation with Tony Khan.

After that, Cody pulled me to the side and he was like, ‘Hey I’m sure you’re going to have a much easier time now going to… you know, another place… we don’t don’t have to get into the name of it, if you want to get into the name of it, whatever. WWE, whatever.
There were rumblings that there was interest from the other company, but once I got to talk to Tony [Khan] I went, ‘Oh no, this is where I’m supposed to go.’ Cause it’s like the idea of someone walking up to me and going, ‘Hey kid here’s what we want out of you tonight — Here’s what you’re gonna do.’ I don’t do well with that.

One of the surprising thing with the Talk is Jericho podcast is that MJF broke the kayfabe while talking to Jericho that he does not do much often. You can listen to the podcast below.

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