Money in the Bank 2022: Liv Morgan Wins Women’s MITB Match

Liv Morgan Women's Money in the Bank Winner
Credits: WWE

Liv Morgan is the Miss Money in the Bank 2022

Morgan climbed up the ladder and unhooked the briefcase to defeat Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Raquel Rodriguez, Asuka, Lacey Evans, and Shotzi in the women’s MITB ladder match. 

The match started with chaos as everyone except Asuka and Becky went out of the ring. Soon, the other women get into the ring as well and Raquel begins to dominate them. 

The other women teamed up against Raquel to slow down her momentum. There was a point in the match when Raquel, Lacey, and Liv Morgan were on the top of the ladder and Morgan hit the sunset flip to Lacey from the very top. 

Meanwhile, out of the ring, Raquel sets up Asuka on the top of the ladder. Becky took out Raquel and then hit a leg drop to Asuka from the top of the ladder. 

Later in the ring, Raquel, Bliss, Lacey, and Shotzi set up three ladders, but Becky came to the ring and pushed them down. She went to the top of the ladder but Liv Morgan also climbed up the ladder and knocks off Becky Lynch. Morgan went to the top and won the MITB contract. 

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